Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Preparing "Try Again" and this time "Stay Out Of The Way!"

"Trying Again" is the title of this coming Sunday's sermon. "Stay Out Of The Way," is the subtitle I have given it to remind myself why I'm here. The photo below is a great shot of one of our planet's mysteries. I guess I've been looking at Stonehenge as a place I'd like to visit for 45 years now. It's intriguing, mind bloggling, and at the exact same moment, makes perfect sense. Some kids from another planet were here on a field trip. They got busy with their lasers and cut out some crude blocks to play with. Four years old and already over 60 feet tall, they picked this spot to put up a building. Called away before they were finished with their afternoon project they sped back into the universe with the other children on the space bus, leaving behind their toy blocks for us to ponder. Another group of these space "children" carved people heads on one of their visits and stuck them in the ground over on Easter Island. You see, everything has an explanation! Not all explanations are fact, though, and I'm supposed to deal in truths that are supportable and irrefutable. That makes the job I'm tackling this week tougher, simply because all of the answers to be garnered must be taken on faith, trust, and conviction found within the sentient being. It would be easier to convince some folks of the truth of my idiom concerning the extraterrestrial "space kids" building Stonehenge than it would be to get them to "try" believing in God. It's all a matter of one's perspective on "facts." I believe that people believe what they want to believe, and that's pretty much all there is to it. I believe that if you believe in anything hard enough, it might work! Shades of philosophers past, present, and future, forgive me, I pray thee! Holy smoking skydivers, Batman, where will this take us? You may consider yourself invited! Drop in this coming Sunday morning at 1st Baptist here in Brookings around 10:15 in the morning. The airport is close by, you can walk from there to the church in less than ten minutes, we can talk. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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