Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Ever Changing World, A Never Changing Life!

My title tonight is heart felt, as I sit in this tiny world that opens like a flower blooming at the mere touch of a button. Youngest grand, Kyra, is with us this week. She never ceases to amaze with the new things she is learning at an ever increasing rate of speed. It seems like only yesterday she was as tiny as the newest member of the family pictured above. The world into which they have been born is the same as it has always been for babies, but the world in which they grow up as active participants in will be radically more different than any age this planet has seen. I suppose that we all take for granted at the age of four that things are the way they are and that is all there is to it! We focus on us and our immediate needs and surroundings, but then they begin to open like this tiny world in here. Stretching far and wide until there appears to be no end, until we discover that there is. Some of us come on the death part early, some later, but, eventually we all see the end of life in this world. That is why our prayers here in this house quite often center on the children and young adults we come in contact with in our community. They are the ones to whom we look to the future with hopes and dreams that their lives will be better than ours. And they can be, but they are going to have to make decisions, active choices of what and who to believe about the vital parts of our world that they will be involved with. That is why we have to be the open, honest advocates for learning that they can trust. "Never lie to a child, for that is a betrayal of innocent trust." Preacher-2005
In a world that spins just as fast as it ever has, technology will continue to leap ahead, science will stretch further, and in the midst of it all life will be as it has always been, a challenge for each of us, and a burden to some. My prayer tonight would be that we all help the children of our world to grow in such a way that none of them live "burdensome" lives. Life is intended for us to enjoy! Rejoice in each precious moment and if you would like for this world to be better for tomorrow's harvest of adults, give to the children of today every possible encouragement to thrive. They won't all be "A" students, they won't all be "perfect," and that is as it should be. What today's children are going to need more than anything else we can give them is the individual encouragement to just do the best they can and the world will be, truly, a better place. God bless, Preacher.

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