Friday, July 22, 2005

Giving Voice To The Thoughts Of My Heart!

The laundry, utilities, and central bathroom share a wall in our home. They also share the dubious distinction of having been remodeled this past week. Now that it's over I have but one thing to say, "who's idea was this?" Between the two of us I think we've got about 60 hours into the project. I'm really thankful it finished today! The temps outside climbed, managing to peak around the "uncomfortably warm" stage by 3 this afternoon. The air conditioner puked. It took five fans running constantly to keep the indoors at about 82 for most of the day. Whoosh! This is the time that it really feels good to be out in the open air rolling down the highway, unfortunately I was painting in a space just a little smaller than a double up at the pen. There is an upside, though, the paint really dries fast when it's this hot! I suppose no matter what is happening in life there is always something positive to focus on if we have a mind to. This leads me to a thought: When we start counting our blessings, do we start with the really big ones, and work our way down? Or do we start with the little bitty ones and work our way up? I guess from my perspective of prioritization I'd have to say I start with the big things. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, then come the relationships, and finally the stuff that fills the space of my days. Barna wrote 20 years ago("The Frog In The Kettle")that the most precious commodity in the world would be time. He was, and is, exactly right! None of us really minds working hard, but we want our time to be spent well no matter what we are doing. I think of Ken tonight(stepfather to five of my children)who passed away Tuesday due to a heart attack he suffered on Sunday, at the age of 45 he had hardly begun to live. Our friend Gary who passed away in the spring at the age of 43(his heart just quit beating)is another one who comes to mind, along with about a dozen others this year in their early fifties. First I pray for the individuals, that they had received Christ as Savior. Second I pray for all those who were looking forward to spending a good chunk of life with them. Finally I pray for those who may learn something from these others I have mentioned here, to prevent this from happening to them. Life is a journey, not a destination, and the whole point of having a life, in my opinion, is to be given the opportunity to accomplish good things for others for a long time. Today Cheryl and I are celebrating once again, an anniversary. This makes eight years(but then, who's counting?)we have been blessed to share one another's love and each other's lives. I pray we have another 30 or more in us to share together. God only knows what can be accomplished through faith. My prayer tonight is that there were many things in your life today that truly brought about it being, "A Good One!" Sometimes we just deserve a great day! Other times I am so thankful that I don't get what I truly deserve, for I know in my heart I am deserving of very little if it doesn't bring glory To God. As always; In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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