Saturday, July 23, 2005

Some Things To Do Before It Gets Really Hot!

One dozen long stemmed roses blossomed into short lived glory last night and this morning very early. I considered taking pictures of them as I have with so many others that have come to rest in our home, but this time I couldn't. Our patio and backyard are filled with flowers of every imaginable color, and those I will be taking pictures of, the living works of art that decorate our lives but for a season. Cheryl has a garden filled with perenials that are fast becoming thirsty enough to walk to the house and turn on the water. That's my way of acknowledging the oppressive heat that accompanies the early "dog days" of summer. I grew up hearing that phrase every year when it got like this in South Dakota, mostly from people who were really old, like my grand parents, like me, now! Some flowers bloom often, some only once and others try, but never seem to quite make it. Does that remind you of people? It certainly does remind me of a lot of folks that are in need of nurture, watering, and fertilizing so that they, also, may grow and blossom into the glorious creations they were intended to be. There are times when life is as oppressive for us as the heat is for the blossums, and it makes it very hard for people to bloom. That's where you and I come on the scene with our watering cans of faith! A virtual conduit of the Spirit of God that is striving to assist every individual with whom we come in contact to grow and burst into beauty. Tomorrow is Sunday! Once again we have the opportunity to attend a church, share with others that join with us to give thanks and praise to our Creator for all He has given us. The best rays for tanning won't be coming around until church is out, and it might just feel really good to sing some songs with the other flowers in the garden, and bloom for an hour or so in the refreshing breeze of God's Word. Spending time with the Lord tomorrow may be exactly what we need to keep us free of the heat. God bless, Preacher.

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