Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Now I See A Purpose

The hour is early(morning)and my eyes are getting really difficult to manage. Times like this I'm glad there isn't a road in front of me staring back with visions of leaping hinds and tables filled by diners. Illusions like that happen to me when I'm driving(or riding)and sleep is a much needed commodity. Winter is on it's way to the Great American Desert my wife informed me this evening. There are projects we have to finish and "stuff" that needs to get done before the snow flies. I'll get out in the country and check out the geese soon to see what they have to say about winter this year. The landscape above is from a site called "Wild-Landscape" and it can be found at one of those www. places. I didn't take the time to really look around there this evening, but I bookmarked it so that I can find my way back. Doesn't that view of the ice chill you to the bones? It does me! Out in the western part of our state I have seen places where the wind has driven rain as it freezes and given me the same type of image. Somewhere in all my pics I've got one of a double waterfall frozen in mid drip. Suspended on long tentacles of ice stretching upwards a hundred feet or so. That's over in Minnesota at a very nice state park. Back to the thought, though. If anyone you know is looking for an excellent way to do the "programming" thing in their church, and they happen to be 1200 miles south of where I live, give me a call and we'll try to get together on some dates. I love the south in the winter! Southern Cal is a favorite, but then so are New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and especially Texas! That's my purpose in staying up just a little longer! Taking a little time for a plug. In a few weeks we'll be in Nashville, and that will be nice, but the really cold months are January and February, so if you know someone who knows someone who talks to God on a regular basis, put in a good word for Cheryl and Terryl(yeah, they rhyme, everybody says, "ain't that cute!)and let them know we'd be more than happy to book a whole string of engagements in the southern climes this winter. Wishing you all of the best in life, and blessings that are more than we deserve. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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