Saturday, October 08, 2005

Expecting Someone?

This is by far one of the cutest pics I've run across in ages! It says so much about how we live our lives. The picture(this is for me, I have no clue what others may see)shows anticipation, homecoming, curiosity, wonder, and companionship in the shared observance. I've raised a lot of dogs. In the files of pictures I have of them some come close to this(for me some are better but in a different light and not black and white)element of surprise I felt and then after studying it I saw more. Tomorrow is Sunday! Some of us wait patiently for the hour of worship to arrive. Others will bustle about preparing for the journey to "church" amidst a mixture of emotions. There was a time in my preaching career where everything on Sunday morning was about me, and my wife had to get the children(five at that time)all ready to go. We were on separate schedules. These days there are no little ones around except for the occasional grand and they're usually ready before I am. I try to get to the church at least half an hour before it begins, but most Sundays I don't get there until 10 after 10. That seems to be the appointed time no matter how I try to change it. Maybe that is just God's time and I'm more or less flowing within it's confines.
Would it not be great if we could have the anticipation that these two have looking out the window when we get to our place in the morning's worship? Perhaps it's been awhile and you're not entirely comfortable. Perhpas the kids were not cooperating as they should and you came close to calling off the morning sojourn to the services. It really makes no difference what your reason for not attending on Sunday might be, the truth is if we aren't there we aren't able to share in the mystery of faith that our hearts long for so deeply. It could be just another day in your life, or it could mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship that we all truly need. I think of the child's companion at the window watching, waiting, or just plain curious. I wonder which of those will be my emotional bent in the morning. I look forward to being in the midst of the Body of Christ as everyone prepares their own hearts for the time spent of offering ourselves to God, receiving His sustaining Word, and seeing the expressions on the faces of folks I know so well as the hour unfolds. In faith we worship each day the living Savior! Sunday is an opportunity to share it with friends and family. I pray your Sunday is a "good one!" In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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