Monday, October 17, 2005

Seeing Life's Many Blessings

Sometimes all it takes is one simple flower to remind each of us what a beautiful world we live in. My thanks to Steve tonight for taking the pic, and to uncle Lou for forwarding it on to me. It made my day! I've been getting alot of photos of flowers lately, and real ones, also! My wife, Cheryl, does that once in awhile just to remind me of her love. I wonder if I've ever told her how much the flowers also remind me of the author of such beauty, God. Maybe I'll wait until the new garden shed is finished and surprise her in some "flowery" little way of how much I love her, too! Life goes full circle for each of us I was reminded this evening. Today I give thanks for friends who hear me when I have needs that call them above and beyond the sense of duty. I give thanks for family and the many ways that they bless me every day, and for the newest addition to the family, another bloom that has just arrived on the tree of our mutually shared heritage. We ran into our niece(you may have seen the pics of her a few months ago when I blogged her shower)at Walmart today while picking up more paint for the barn. Usually I don't attend "Walmart" sprees(everytime we walk in the door together another contribution is made to the growing success of a company that my vote is still 'out' on), today I needed to get some blades for a special saw so there I was. Camera ever handy on the belt bag I snapped these really quick. Blessings, they come in such a wide variety every day if we have the time to see them. Being in the "right" place at the "right" time helps(I hope Cheryl doesn't mind me putting her out here, she doesn't know how beautiful she is when she is cradling a baby), but we also have to be prepared to have our lives blessed. Maybe that is something I used to miss out on. I wasn't willing to take the time to truly allow myself to be blessed in so many ways. My prayer tonight is that each of us takes the time to let God come into our lives in all possible ways with showers of blessings we truly see with our eyes, and our hearts! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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