Sunday, November 27, 2005

Getting Ready!

My wife(Cheryl)told me not to put anything out here until the decorating was finished. If you're reading this, honey, I hope you realize that nobody sees everything the way we do. Out here on the internet people only see what the lens on the camera sees, and that isn't all that good 'cause of the guy on the backside of the lens\screen. All anyone sees is a portion of what is going on. Kind of like life, really! None of us really knows everything that is happening at any given moment. Kids always ask a lot of questions this time of the year(as if they don't all year through), for the most part I enjoy answering them, but there is that one question. "Does God really see everything that is happening?" The truth is I believe so much in God that I know all things are possible. I don't think it's like we watch TV as one youngster mentioned a few years ago. I wouldn't like to think that God was tuning into my channel every once in awhile just to see how I'm getting along. Take for instance the policeman that pulled me over for running through a red light while taking my wife to Walmart. If God had been watching I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten a ticket, after all it was an honest mistake. The truth is I just was not paying attention. I pulled into the left turn lane and wasn't even looking for the left turn lane light. I did note that there was no opposing traffic, that's a good thing. The officer even mentioned that I was lucky there had been no oncoming traffic at that moment. I also noted that he ran the same red light to pick me up but decided I had better not mention this to him while we were chatting in his car. Is God checking out our daily lives? I don't know. I know we do the best that we can and when we fail God is there to build us back up and strengthen us for the next attempt. I know that God is present with me every moment of every hour in every day. I know that God is in me and in Christ I am one with God. God's Spirit is in here with me, and that is a for sure! So I guess when I consider the question again, I'd have to say God is watching me. I pray He is watching you, also, as you get ready to celebrate Christmas this year. God bless, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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