Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Like spring cleaning and yard work another season has just opened. This one is the celebration of our Savior's birth. A joyous holiday recognized over the surface of much of our planet. A major portion of the celebrating is accomplished through the media and with the help of smal recatangle shaped pieces of plastic. I truly love the end result of the season for me in a purely selfish way. I get to share the music of many generations with children of all ages. In the malls and shopping plazas the sounds of Christmas will be heard cheering people on, and helping to alleviate the stress of overspending. We all have our limitations, but at Christmas time they usually go by the wayside. I enjoy the giving of presents to folks, I guess that's why I do it year around. My secret for gift giving is this: "Never give anyone anything that you wouldn't just love to have for yourself!" That really makes the gift a special one for the recipient, and also does worlds of good for me on the inside. Tomorrow as we gather for worship we will begin the walk the wiseguys started on their way to Bethelville so long ago, led by that meteorite that blazed through the night sky. There were some drovers that saw it, too! They rounded up their doggies and ended up at the same livery as the wiseguys that night so long ago. God bless, and happy holidays to all, Preacher.

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