Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Adjusting Attitudes.

Considering the season we are in the midst of, it is totally understandable that some folks are beginning to wear down. Too much to do, not enough time, and money is tight, as always. The hat I shot for tonight is the one I wear throughout the Christmas Tide Celebrations, and as an everyday headgear. When questioned as to the reason I wear it I can only find one answer. It makes me happy and other folks smile more when I've got it on. No, I don't wear it when I'm preaching, but sometimes slip back into it immediately after. The "bugs" are seemingly endless during this most "grace-filled" event of the year. Long lines are beginning to wear on nerves, and traffic is showing signs of meltdown in urban areas. Out here on the Great American Desert we are so happy to see someone else on the road we usually wave as we pass. Sound like fun? It is! 'Tis the season, or so the song implies, and out here on the frozen tundra it is a good time of the year to enjoy the warmth of fellowship in a host of ways. Wherever you are, though, the feelings can be the same if you develope a little "hattitude." I know, it may be far easier to be grumpy, sneezy, or grouchy(perhaps a little on the order of Scrooge)than it is to be joyful. Keep in your heart the reason for the season! Start each day with a prayer that it will be happier than the last, and seek first the things that are of God which we celebrate throughout the year, but especially during Christmas. Our world is literally filled with, what was it Dr. Zeuss called them, "Grinches." Let us not be one of them. With a song in our hearts and a car full of treasures we are off to visit family 5 hours south for the next few days. Merriment, I pray, will be the watch word of the day. How does that go, now...."Dashing through the snow.....God bless, Preacher.

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