Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Beating The Drums

I have a couple of these little wind up toys, this one and another that crashes cymbals together. They still work just fine and they're nearly as old as me! Amazing when I think about them that what comes to mind is the self that continues to beat the drums and crash the cymbals announcing the acceptable time of the Lord. There are times when what I really need is a monkey that, once wound up tight, beats his head against an imaginary wall. That's how I feel some days as I consider new ways to tell the same story that the faithful have been sharing for a few thousand years. Writer's block comes to mind as a possible descriptive phrase, but it runs deeper than that. It is almost as though the unheard notes of a familiar song are playing over and over inside my head without ever completing the passage that I really want to hear. I know, in a few hours, or another day, or a week from now the answer will be entirely clear and I'll be sitting down looking at another poem\lyric sheet\song, or idea for promoting faith in folks. The truth is, I may as well relax and not worry so much about it, because that is how it works with me. I've known myself for a long time, but more importantly, God has known me even longer, and knows exactly what it is He will have me doing tomorrow. As long as I keep trusting, and talking with Him, everything will work out according to His will. Is that a strange way to see one's faith worked out in terms of direction in life? I don't think so! It is the same truth that jumps off the pages of the Bible when we are taught to "not worry" about what we shall wear or eat. We have to show a mature concern for our responsibilities, of course, but even they must take a backseat to being "right" with our Creator. My wife said the same thing on the phone this morning and we both agreed that it is most important to "seek first the kingdom of God" in our daily walk. After that everything will come according to His will. Far too often I want to hurry the process up by fretting over the nuances of how something is going to happen. Herein is found a secret. I can't make anything "happen" without God's direct input, and when I worry it only slows the process of getting things done. How about in your life? Have you ever wanted to "not worry" so much? It's much easier to get the drums and cymbals working together when we let God do the winding. In Christ's Love, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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