Friday, January 06, 2006


The history of humanity is not one of peace! Students of ancient eras will agree that the one element that is consistently missing throughout mankind's march toward tomorrow is peace. Perhaps it is simply not a part of our collective nature to be "peaceful." My Savior spoke the words, "My peace I give to you, not as the world gives give I unto you." This is good, for there is little peace to be found in our world. I seek it daily, in moments of meditation, time spent with the piano, and in my relationships with people. Rarely, if ever, is it more than momentary, but I find it so deeply satisfying that I continue to try and attain that state of mind. Spirituality is one of the keys that can unlock the door of peace within each of us. Along with that is the need for true wholeness in ourselves. Body, mind, and spirit, coexisting as one is another key. Don't take this as an attempt to get you to embrace a philosophy or religion, it's not. This is just one writer's way of addressing the personal issue of peace in life. I know without a doubt when I have returned to the world from my moments of peace, everything changes to a degree. I believe that what Christ was leading us in the direction of was a greater understanding of ourselves in relation to all that surrounds us. That may be one of the arenas in which the master of deception works most diligently. Anything that is truly peaceful is an opposing force to the chaos and disruption that is part of our lives. No, we cannot escape the commotion, but we do have a choice to make as to how it impacts us. If you have ever been on a guided meditation you know that the primary focus is on that "place of peace" that only you know within yourself. Mine happens to be near the water, the sun is warm on my skin and the sand beneath me is warm as well. Close by the water is gently lapping at the shore, and sounds are felt as much as heard. In my mind's eye I can look on this place of peace as though from a distance and appreciate it for what it is to me. It is an opportunity to gently rest my head in the comfort of creation as I commune with the Creator and His Son by means of the Spirit He has given to dwell within me. For everyone it is probably different, but I claim this one and urge you to find one of your very own to enjoy when you slip away from a world that is anything but peaceful. God bless, Preacher.

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