Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sharing Is Good!

This shot was taken prior to losing the winter coats and donning the swimsuits. My grand daughters(two of them, anyway)both about the same age, sharing one father and one grandfather. Ironic how life comes around to bite us sometimes. What a week it has been! Thank God tomorrow is Sunday and I can just relax and worship for awhile. The time of preparing is past and now I get to take everything I've learned about life this past week and pour it forth from the keyboard. Some of it will be really happy, and some of it will be truly sad, but it will all be part and parcel of the offering of gifts I bring to my Savior. I guess when I see my self tap it out like this there is an apparent truth. God accepts everything we bring Him because He wants our all. Not just the "good stuff" and the happy things we have to be thankful for, but the pains and sorrows as well. If we take anything less than all of ourselves to the altar we are not giving back what God has given us. He has given us life with all of its pitfalls and problems, and everything that comes with the simple joy of being alive. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway. As I view the worship that we offer to our Creator I see us as being enabled by Him to feel confident in His desire for us to give all of ourselves. So much of what people assume they should give to God is absolutely meaningless. God has no need of our money, position, authority(we really don't have this one for sure), goods or anything else that is fully tangible. What God wants is you and me! Sort of like a spousal relationship thing where we do the "for better or worse" and mean it. To live a worshipful existence is not hard if you consider we have been given everything needed for our pursuit of happiness in America. The element that is lacking is our ability to return thanks for all and share the sum total of our experience in life. For sure God is there to share in our joys, but He also wants the parts of our lives that are not so joyful. Maybe it's in giving those not-so-great-things about us to Him that He helps us to change and become more what we might ought to be. Here I go thinking on screen, again. When you're 5 life is so sweet! When you're 55, life is so sweet! Maybe it all has to do with how we share it. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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