Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Peaceful Places

Today was anything but a day of peace, that is, until I did an abrupt change in my personal state of "head!" I awoke from an argument I was completely absorbed in with one of my daughters concerning musical presentation. The sound of my wife conversing with her sister in Nebraska was what brought me to full wakefulness. I sat up and looked out the windows at the snowcovered ground and rapidly became more attitudinally maladjusted as a result of the weekend storm out here on our little piece of the Great American Desert. Grumbling loudly I made my way to the kitchen via the bathroom and was confronted with a coffee pot cold from the night before and a kitchen full of dirty dishes. I guess my realization of how "bear" like I was didn't really hit me until about an hour later when I had my second cup in front of me. I really do dislike days that don't begin peacefully! I don't mind the days of hurry, hurry, rush, rush and out the door, because even the worst of those require me to keep my wits about me and act somewhat civilized. Today was supposed to be a slow, calm, warm fuzzy day of relaxation in the morning and shared prayers with my wife. We're through the day, now, and it worked out very well considering how it got it's start. Maybe that is all it takes for anyone to have a "bad" day, just waking not the way they would choose to wake. One thing is certain, at least I don't have to go around thinking I've got it all together, I don't! The peaceful time we spend with our God can make all the difference in the world for every day. The first jangling of the alarm clock or the first beckoning call of life other than ourselves doesn't have to turn our attitudes into anything other than gratitude. Today was a good reminder that even the worst beginnings can have a very happy ending. Thank you, Lord, for brothers and sisters, and for giving me another opportunity to learn from my mistakes. In Christ's Love, Preacher. Posted by Picasa

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