Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bearly Time To Have Everything Ready!

So many years we have rushed to put all of the proper pieces in place for the celebration of Christ's rebirth. That is the human side of us doing what we do, get ready! Easter eggs decorated perfectly(well as good as they can get when you're three, and there were a few kids older than me, too), baskets prepared, candies gotten ready for joyful consumption, succulent young turkeys basted and prepared for baking(some folks do ham, but I know for certain my Savior was a Jew and I'm not sure He would like that), and in the most traditional ways of doing things we would be eating lamb, still, on the morrow. I watched the bears in our house watching us as we scurried about preparing stuff. Finally I broke down in tears(that was because of the onions, I'm sure)and that is not unusual this time of year. My heart beats with an anticipation that knows no bounds as I recall the events of the very first Easter morn when the tomb was found to be empty and my sure, personal redemption had been claimed in full.
Easter bonnets, and wonderful dresses will accompany my female counterparts as they "skirt" off to church on what is going to be a beautiful day out here on the Great American Desert. I love that about the girls! I have been praying for days now for the lost and divided souls that we only see a few times a year(Christmas & Easter)with the thought in mind that perhaps this morning, in but a few short hours, we might convey to them the essence of sheer overpowering joy that accompanies the celebration of this "High Holy Day." Okay, we only have an hour or so of their limited time, but, can't we do something that will wake them from their spiritual drowsiness? Maybe there is something we aren't doing, or something we aren't saying.
I would rather believe it is something they aren't hearing or are unwilling to truly hear, that stops the ears to the cause of the commotion! In the studio tonight I was talking with the lead guitar player about Brian Adams and his "WAKING UP THE NEIGHBORS" album from many years ago. I guess if the bears could hear me now they would hear me saying, "That's what I want to do, wake up the neighbors!" And who are your neighbors? Well, Jesus said that was everybody!
As we celebrate this morning my only prayer would be that someone out there who has not heard, would hear and find the wonderful truth of belief in Christ. HE IS RISEN!
Thanks Be To God! No, that is not my only prayer, I digress, because there are so many, but that one is very high on my list. Sons & daughters, brothers & sisters, grandpas & grandmas, and parents everywhere, look through the eyes of your children and know that God is good! So good that He wants each of us to accompany Him to His home and be with Him forever! Happy Easter 2006! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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