Thursday, September 28, 2006

Miracles Happen!!!

When the call came in I took a deep breath and offered up a prayer from the desk. One of the sisters out there had a niece in trouble. The thoughts that run rampant through our minds at times like this are so virulent that the very definition betrays our fear. Can faith and prayer make a difference? Are we well founded? Are there others that will accompany us on this particular journey of love exemplified by our Savior?
Macy Marie is alive and well. Her odds were 1 in 7 of making it through the crisis. I always stand ready(very reluctantly at times)to work through issues with families. For those of us who have Christ as our Savior there is nothing better we can do than to submit to God's will. After all, is that not what He did for us?
Macy Marie is one of God's perfect creations.
We are fighting a battle in South Dakota. Yeah, I know, where is SD? Well, it is in the very heart of the Great American Desert, and it has recently become a political hotspot for those who would have us throw lives into garbage cans behind abortion clinics so that everyone may have a "free" choice. While we are in the very midst of praying for one of our "Macy Marie's" it is beyond my understanding that others would choose to throw them away, much like a bag of refuse from the local Burger King that they toss out on the interstate.
Macy is alive, and as you can see from the smile, very happy to be. Let us not throw away the future because we can only see today! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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