Saturday, March 15, 2008

Geese Are Winging North!

Indeed, the geese are winging their way north out here on the Great American Desert! We are moving forward with construction although it does seem as though the slope is more than a little steep at times. Deadlines were set the past two weeks for the crew doing the exterior finishing work. Needless to say they have let us down, again. I'm learning and relearning the patience lesson that it seems is so difficult for me to ingrain. I continue in prayer for patience as the days grow warmer. That is a wonderful blessing we are enjoying day by day. There are predictions of more snow for the first of the week. At the present time I can only say, "I would like for it to miss us by a lot!" The ground surrounding the project site is all loose fill and clumps of earth that become impossible to deal with when wet. I know, one day the grass will grow, the gravel will be firmly packed in parking areas and I'll be able to see solidity evidenced on the turf. Until that time we will slog around in the mud and have the very ground beneath our feet attempting to suck our shoes off! One would not think there would be so many details. The further we have gotten down this road the more bumps we have encountered. It's quite a bit easier on two wheels when all one must battle are the wind, the road, weather and fatigue. That is a piece of cake compared to this. Five thousand miles in ten days, no problem! Rain for three days in a row while trying to put miles behind us? No problem! But these inches and feet of progress that seem to be going as slowly as "molasses" in January. Lord help me, I'm trying. Now all I need do is find mental, physical, and emotional energy to make it the rest of the way up this hill. When that time comes I'll have the vehicles shining on the driveway, my hammock swinging in the sunshine and a cold glass of lemonade awaiting me on the porch. The grand piano will be in her new setting, the organ will be firmly ensconced where the speakers can pound out hymns that I love, and the digital recording studio will be up and running. Now, about that new Windows Vista. I do believe I'll be able to traverse all of these roads before MS gets the new operating system up and running. Well, to be fair, I haven't installed it yet on the build that is hanging fire in the shop. I was waiting for the SP1 for Vista to become available. Well, this is the time, and I have yet to hear one encouraging word(I live where there is never supposed to be a discouraging word)from the computing community. Oh, well, I have a clean copy of UBUNTU just to the right of centerstage. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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