Friday, June 09, 2006

I Ain't Complaining

It has been awhile since I have been able to use my office. Heat has a little to do with that, but the level of noise occurring on a daily basis has become mind-numbing.
Post grad week began with the guys tearing out the water lines. Since that time they have managed to do it two more times, and the electric! We do have the finest of minds at work on the project, and now I finally see the clever scheme they have so carefully plotted for driving us all out of our homes. I have a hunch they thought many of us would give in and sell out just to be over this particular hump in life's road. What they did a year ago was send out a well-trained team of experts to locate all of the places a construction project might encounter difficulties. They looked through little tripod mounted glasses, they staked red, pink and yellow markers all over. They put up little red, yellow and blue flags. Then as the day neared they spray painted lines in neon orange and yellow on everyone's lawns. Now I know why. That was so the workers wouldn't have to miss cutting a single vital service to our lives. Local joke on our street has to do with how many different hard hats it takes to peer into a hole and decide what has happened. Honestly, they have a tough job to do and it isn't made easier by guys with cameras. They never hit the phone lines, but I assume that is because you just don't mess with those folks. Anyway, our life has yet to return to normal and that is a good thing! Since the front of the home is virtually unused 24\7, we have done some amazing things in the backyard which will be shared as soon as the "stuff" is over.
I suppose the way to look at the whole thing is that, "God never gives us more problems than He has provided patience for coping." Life is good here on 6th Street.
Life is better away from our little piece of the Great American Desert. And life is best when we keep on keeping on and let God take care of the rest. In Christ's Love, Preacher.