Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dogs, Ducks, & Water

It's that time of the year when we have to consider what plants to keep from the garden and which ones will have to bite the big one with the onset onset of winter's frost. A week ago the children taught me an interesting lesson. Once again I learned that we have to live in the moment. We cannot truly enjoy our lives if we are constantly worrying about the future and immersed in the mistakes of the past. The ducks, I will admit have been a source of much enjoyment(I am now tired of trying to collect the eggs every day, my wife will not cook with them and has informed me that I can't, either), and I look forward to chopping off their heads, cleaning them and having a wonderful roast duck dinner. Cheryl will probably not participate in the process due to her fondness for the ducks, but it has to be. I was reminded yesterday that we do not have to go hunting for geese this year, they are already in the freezer. That's alright by me, I have a house to paint before the weather gets too rough, and a whole lot of other"stuff" to get ready for the builders of our new house\home that may or may not become a reality this year. Life is good! Anytime one can look out the window and enjoy the view it is a blessing. This morning it is raining, again. When the pics above were taken we had a beautiful sunshiny day. Later it began to rain and continued to do so for 6 consecutive days. What do I do when it rains and rains and rains? I spent time in the office trying to build a new computer that will be the end all be all for my studio needs and personal entertainment. How is that going, you ask? Better than it should, and better than I deserve, although I have lost one of my monitors to a leak in the office(another byproduct of constant rainfall), nothing that a little time and a capacitor or two won't fix. The thing is, as with the children above, we need to learn to take time to enjoy the moments that we all have. No matter where we are in our life's journey we will never be able to recapture a single minute that is lost. Take a break, get wet, play with the dog, play with the childre(we can learn much from every one of them)and stop stressing over the "stuff" that needs to be completed. It will get done, eventually, and if it doesn't, well then it was not supposed to be. In Christ's Love, Preacher.