Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pieces Of Peace

Most of the pieces of our personal "peace" space are presently broken! I'm going to take some pictures later to better remember what days like this were all about. Out here on the Great American Desert it is construction season, and it will not end until the snows fall. Today, by the way, is Maundy Thursday! We are headed into the Easter weekend of 2006. This evening there will be a service held in many of the area churches. Folks will be reminded of the night that proceeded the taking of our Savior. Before His taking, though, there was this beautiful time that He spent in an upper room with His followers sharing the Passover meal. The neighbor just south of us is cutting down trees and building a garage\workshop. To the west of us the street which fronts our property is being reconstructed(what this means for our lives is a period of anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks without any way in or out other than hoofing it from a half block away). The north is detour city, and the east border is showing all the signs of female spring fever. The college girls that live next door partied until about 3 in the morning. That is the one side that is quiet today!
Such is life! My mind returns to that beautiful evening in the upper room where the Disciples ate and shared the Passover(sader feast)and Holy Communion. That is one piece of peace that cannot be disrupted no matter how much absolute bedlam surrounds our lives. You and I have that opportunity to walk in the peace of our Lord each day of our lives if we so choose. It won't always be easy! Two nights ago my lovely wife and I sat on the yard swing feeling the gentle breeze of spring and watching the nearly full moon glide soundlessly across a cloud strewn sky. God smiled on us, and as we prayed together and cuddled it was a perfect night. Perhaps it is the memories of such perfection that sustain us when all around seems to be coming apart. As you attend the services of this Easter Tide try to bring the peace away with you as a tiny treasure in your mind of the peace our Savior gives to those who are faithful. The peace that surpasses all understanding and gives back to our lives the beauty of an unconditional love that Christ prepared this night to bestow on us. It is in His love that I write to you. God bless, Preacher.