Friday, April 04, 2008

Soaring With Eagles

Today I am listening to sounds of motorcycles roaring down 6th Street while feeling like I've been run over by one. Illness is not becoming for anyone even if they usually look great(which I seldom do)our there on two wheels. Today I couldn't take the chill of the air even though it would feel wonderful to have the health to do it and I would. Fever and chills, bad coughs and aches have accompanied these past few days and nights(nights are the worst). Whine, whine, whine.....I have an appointment with the doctor today at my wife's insistence. She wants me out getting something done on the project. There is much to be done, but I have been blessed with enough wet and mud that it appears as though it will take the better part of a week without rain just to get on site. God is good! I would feel really horrible if conditions were perfect for work and I could not!
We were just out there looking at the future home. It will be great! On the other hand I think it will take me 'til I'm 60 to get even close to finished. That's why I need the doctor and his expertise. Actually I probably only need antibiotics and rest, but he will have to write the prescription and I will have to pay for visiting him in his office. Ya know, when I consult with guys at the lumber yard concerning materials and building codes they don't charge a penny for their time in helping me to sort out solutions. Why is it that if you have a doctor's degree(license to practice)you charge outrageous fees? Maybe it's all of those support team members they have working in the clinic. I don't know. I'm just thankful this day that we have really good insurance and that I may see a glimmer of improvement this weekend in my physical health.
Yes the snow out here on the Great American Desert is about gone. The sun is warming things nicely and the prospects for life are wonderful if there is no rain for a few weeks. All I ask is enough time to get two truckloads of construction stuff on site ready for work and maybe finish up the driveway. Life could be worse, but it can be better as well. God teaches us so many things through His provision for our lives. As always, today the big lesson is patience. That plus giving thanks for what I have not what I have not. I pray that travels are going well for our folks in America. Some things we cannot change, but they can improve(at least our attitude towards them)through prayer. In Christ's Love, Preacher.