Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ahead By A Nose!

Having had my nose broken four times in the past 40 years has left me with some interesting breathing problems, not to mention an extremely enlarged proboscis(did I spell that right?)! I never give it too much thought, it's just out there in front of me most of the time and it's great for inserting into other people's business(that's one of the reasons it got broke), but the past few years the pressure from not having my "drain" thing working right has given me some cause for concern. I suppose we all have our physical things we would like to get fixed one way or another. That's what gave rise to these thoughts today! How easy it is to focus entirely on what we see on the outside of people instead of looking where it really matters, on the inside! That's one of the great things about God! He doesn't worry about how we are on the exterior, He likes the inside of us to be straight with Him even when our noses aren't. The skull news piece was on Yahoo today and I couldn't resist looking and reading simply because I do think about my nose problem at times. Thankfully I submit that after reading the article I feel greatly relieved, looking in the mirror, that there may be some way to fix the "thing" without major surgery to correct all of the flaws. It's that way in our lives, too. God can look at us in an instant and see the minor defects that we have and correct them immediately through the insertion of grace into our beings and belief in His Son, my Savior, Christ. As Easter approaches I would encourage each of us to look at our insides and see if there are flaws that we might be able to correct with the simple insertion and infusing of the Holy Spirit in our day to day lives. In essence, we might allow God to fill us up and drain off some of that excess baggage we carry with us everywhere we go. At any rate, I love the imagery. In Christ's Love, Preacher.