Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Been A Long Time

My last entry was July 3rd and I was in the process of an amazing amount of construction. That isn't over, yet! I took a break from the "Home Work" to attach a hitch to our Pontiac Transport Mini Van. I remembered a blog I did a while back while wrenching on the HD Ultra while I was down under the van. The work came out well and the hitch really, really works. LOL.....I do miss being out here on the net several times a week, but that will change. We are almost finished at the old house, except for moving the ducks and the barn. I still have salvage work to do(the plan now is to tear the whole house down in about ten days. I'm sort of glad of that. I bought the home for my folks, and then moved into it because renting just doesn't work well. That was nine years ago this fall. Now we have a virtual palace that has only to be completed. I am now the chief electrician, plumber, carpenter, and all round work person. That is why I saved a few hundred dollars by installing the hitch myself. What the hey, I have the tools and the hands for it. The best part of the whole process has been the umptine reminders of how much God has truly blessed my life.
We did take a few days off for the rally in Sturgis. That led to a booking for our musical talents at the dedication of the Avenue of Flags at the geographical center of America in BelFourche, SD. So we were out west for a short time, and then returned for several days culminating in a rousing performance on Sunday for a church that was sans pastor. That was also a reminder of just how much I enjoy sharing God's word and how good He has been in both of our lives. Moments in time-we all have them. Mine was watching Cheryl perform the National Anthem while I played the trumpet to one of our pre-recorded(I do that, too)backgrounds. Fun! that is what life is all about when it is lived according to God's plan and in accordance with His will. I know we aren't always exactly certain what that will is, but if left to my own devices I know without a doubt I would be lost. I pray that your summer has been a "good one" and that you are living with God's Grace ever in your midst. In Christ's Love, Preacher.