Thursday, October 02, 2008

Taking Time And Sharing Time

Hey! This was another day out here on the Great American Desert. It began with a "not so spectacular" sunrise and ended with a sunset that was very ordinary. What did strike me as important was the time I spent shooting pics and the people with whom I can share them. The greater part of my day was spent working on the variety of projects I have happening here at the new digs. Construction stuff for the most part. Measuring, cutting, screwing in place and then checking constantly with the levels to see if I'm getting close to right. Right now doors have become very important. I have to get them out of the way so I can begin the process of insulating every nook and cranny of this new basement. It's getting colder with each passing day. The sun reminds me that winter is fast approaching(that and hunting season)and I had better be ready!
Right now I have a daughter that I can't find. Her phone is disconnected. She and one of our nieces were sharing living space in Soo Foo(better known as Sioux Falls, South Dakota)and now both of their phones are disconnected. Usually if things are not good in my daughter's life she calls to talk about stuff. Sometimes money is a problem, other times it has something to do with relationships and the guys with whom she hangs. This time it makes little if any sense, that is, of course, unless she has decided to return to Colorado and work at one of the ski resorts for the winter season. That would be understandable. I guess deep down inside I truly wish she would come to the new house(I want her to think of it as "home")and share a bit of time. I've been praying for and about her, but have not had any revelations as yet.
So, tonight I write about taking time and sharing it because that is where my heart has chosen to take me. I know my wife is concerned, as well. Perhaps tomorrow we will get a message letting us know that she and her cousin and the baby(cousins)are all just fine and just experiencing a little financial setback. God has a way of letting us know when anything is drastically wrong. As near as I could tell from this day between dawn and sunset everything was normal. Right now it is 49 degrees out side and that is probably normal also. I pray your day has been good and that the night provides us all with much needed rest. In Christ's Love, Preacher.