Thursday, March 06, 2008

How Are We Doing Today?

The President probably has days like mine. I have contracted a very nasty virus which has laid me low with temperatures exceeding 102. I don't mind the fevers so much, but the accompanying chills, coughing and other unmentionable symptoms are not so pleasant.
George Bush has continued to do the very best job he could these past years as our Commander In Chief during some difficult events in our nation's history. I keep wondering what one does if you're in charge of the nation and you come down with a flu.
I suppose that is why we have a Vice President, but that doesn't truly answer the question what George does. Is he staying in bed and drinking lots of liquids, taking his ibuprofen and vitamins? So, I got back up from my cozy warm bed and the little dog with the big heart who has been faithfully following me around all day to make sure I'm okay, to write to the issue of what happens when the boss is ill. Obviously there are a lot of things that are not going to get done. Deadlines will not be met as per their schedule, and all of the tasks we planned are put on hold. I think what would drive me nuts in a situation of power is "not being left alone" to heal. I'm somewhat of a bear when injured or ill. I want to mozy on over to a corner of the cave where the light is not too bright and curl up. The last thing I want is somebody fussing over me. I've been sick before. I will get sick again. Now just leave me be!
Can you imagine what it must be like for Bush? There are calls he absolutely must take because nobody else can do it. There are people who will invariably insist on seeing him if for no other reason than to satisfy their curiosity concerning the President's health. Then there are the physicians that want to be in attendance. I would not want to get sick in the White House. That would be entirely intolerable. Here at home I'm doing fine. Dinner was sufficient(TV Dinner, not much but all I could manage at the time)for the needs of my body. The problem with food at a time like this is that taste! It just doesn't taste like it should. Now if I were the President I could order up anything I wanted and someone would prepare just as I like it and it would still taste, Not Right! I like food. I enjoy cooking and I know just how I want things to come out for a dinner. Tonight would have been one of those evenings of candlelight and flowers for my wife and I. When she came in from work the kitchen would smell like heaven(in a culinary sense)and the table would be set. Tonight she is out of luck, I haven't got the energy. The spirit is strong, but my flesh is frail. I think God enjoys viewing us as we go through the difficulties of life. He observes how we handle them and listens to our prayers even when they are muttered from the depths of our personal cave. God bless you, George Bush, don't get ill, please. My grandmother used to say "This is a great life if you don't weaken."
In Christ's Love, Preacher.