Saturday, March 08, 2008


I have no clue how this all works, but I have followed the directions to the letter. Our local TV station did a thing on one of our "Best Friends" last evening. JoAnne Bird, artist from right here on the Great American Desert, is pictured above with her hubby, Gordon, and their poodle, Tootles. You can check out the video, and see her work on the internet. Unfortunately for me I've been suffering from a case of the "creeping crud" this week and was unable to attend JoAnne's birthday gathering. Cheryl had to appear for both of us. I managed a phone call and a rough rendition of "Happy Birthday" on the grand piano. JoAnne laughed at my singing(my voice is very nearly been obliterated by the illness)but still enjoyed. I pray your day is going well and that health is never far from your presence. God bless, Preacher.