Friday, October 12, 2007

A Reflection

Out of bed way too early and much in need of coffee I began the morning with a gasup stop at our 6th street Casey's.Tom and Lynn(the guys doing our digging)preceded me by less than 20 minutes. I suppose when one puts together a new house thing that this is important to do. Check, double check and then go back and find out if what you checked on was correct as you saw it! I'm still trying to figure out where to put the driveway and the turn around for folks with larger than life rigs and these guys are here to make certain I have water and sewer connections. I appreciate that! After all, what good would a new home be without a place to poop and pee!

My grandmother(paternal side)passed away at the age of 93. When I asked her what she thought of as the most important things she had witnessed in her lifetime(she passed in '83)I fully expected her answer to be something like electricity, radio, television, or perhaps the moon walk and space flight. Nope, quite readily she informed me that the most important thing happening in this world in her lifetime(she began life in 1889 in a sod home on the Great American Desert)was indoor plumbing. Pretty cool! I would not have thought of that, but then I did not come from her era in American history. Today I appreciate that comment. Because of the guys that know where to put the holes our new home will have superb indoor plumbing in all four bathrooms. This is a good thing! Right now it is still difficult for me to accept another shift in location. I don't think my mind is totally prepared for pulling up the stakes and moving 5 miles west, but it would appear that it shall become a reality.

Anyway, I have to sleep for a little while today, it is now 6:41 AM. I pray your home is warm and secure and that all your problems have nothing to do with plumbing. In Christ's Love, Preacher.