Saturday, March 29, 2008

Backgrounds & Borders, Bathrooms & Biffys

When we unite in the bonds of Holy Matrimony we also commit ourselves to a life of sharing space. Oftimes in our modern day world we have been "sharing space" for a long time before the ceremony & vows. I'm a bit old school. LOL....I'm probably as old school as you can run across these days. As we continue the process of creating in actuality our vision for a haven we come across the meaning of tonight's title. All of the elements that comprise a home(the home is actually Cheryls and I have a cave and office attached to it)are those which we must wrestle for another few months. After that they will be forever(at least for our lifetimes)set in cement.
I ere quite often on the side of practicality and usability. This will not become entirely apparent until I set the interior walls of our project and proceed to make it habitable for humans. My wife, Cheryl, does not care to have a lot of doors in her home. Where we are now one can enter a small(very)hall and encounter doors on three sides. I like that! Doors offer opportunities. One never knows what might be on the other side of a door. We recently had an accountant friend attempt to exit our home via a walk-in closet in our foyer. That is still providing many chuckles for those who were present.
There are many doors present in our life experience. Some we fling wide open and rush through only to find ourselves disappointed, dejected, depressed, and sometimes behind bars. That has to do with our personal choices. No person can make them for us and we all must face the decisions concerning our lives alone, unless we have received an initiation into the hall of a greater power. Others may have suggested this course of action. Friends and family may have tried to help us find it. But, the truth is, we can only make this big decision for ourselves. There is not a single person who can change us other than ourselves! What color we would like our walls to be, what type of floor covering we would choose to live with for a few months or the rest of our lives. I can say this from a personal background of prison ministry that if we do not choose the state will, and we will not appreciate the interior decorator! Gray is not a favorite color of mine, although I worked in that environment for eight years. I may have always known that I would be there, what I did not know was that they were going to let me in and check me out every day while I preached repentance! Those were wonderful times! Now I look forward to creating a haven for those who serve the Lord and need a place to be for awhile. Maybe even perhaps a bit of a retreat from the pressures of our world. That is why we are in the midst of choosing backgrounds, borders, bathrooms(there will be four)and biffys for all the Lord brings to us. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

In Search Of Earth

Adama, Obama, are we watching SciFi or what? Folks are telling Hillary to get out now and strive to unite the party behind a single leader. She is not about to listen. This will be a bloody battle that is going to tear a party apart. Democrats(of which I am a registered one)need an opportunity to recapture the White House. This is not a game of capture the flag waged via children on a field of green, but it is beginning to appear as one. Adama is leading his people through space in flight from the Cylons who wish to destroy them because they are human. Obama is leading his people through a difficult time in America's history in hopes that he can make a difference and capture the flag of leadership that will make all of our lives better. Now we are living the SciFi life in real time. The directions that our country takes are not determined by a single person in an oval office. They are the directions which the past has imposed on them and the situations they inherit in that office for which the ramifications of decisions made last for decades. The legacy of the oval office is the respect it is given in other countries. At this point in time we are "under the gun" economically. There is no quick cure, but there can be prayer. I'm referring to the nation that could return to God and place Him in charge of the destiny of a country rather than resorting to the solutions proposed by people who truly only wish to advance themselves across the field of power. We have observed as greed, lust, and a host of seven sins have inflicted their influence over the country's capitol. Perhaps the time has come for the influence of those who sit in the pews(not Rev. Wright's)on Sunday to truly take a stand and influence the outcome of a political battle that(one way or the other)must be in the best interests of all concerned. That means the American people. There was a time when we were "isolationists" and that was right for that era. We can no longer be isolationists, but we do need to take charge of our country, our future, and our people. Those born and raised here(to the best of my knowledge according to the big book of Huycks we got off the boat not too far behind the Pilgrims)who run generations deep and have a vested interest in the outcome of our next election need to pray every day for our leaders and for those who live down the street, next door, and a few miles down the road, that their hearts will turn to the only salvation our world can know.
So, that is my spin on the situation we are in. Things are not looking really good folks! The economy is in trouble that runs way deep and way wide. There must be change, and it is up to us to encourage that change in a manner that will be the best for the folks we live with, share a neighborhood with, and sit in worship with us on Sunday. Maybe not all in the same church, but it is the same God we worship.
In Christ's Love, Preacher.

In Search Of America

Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Rides For Awhile!

A dismal day has dawned for those of us living in the Great American Desert. I took this picture through the screen on the patio. It did not improve the looks of our outdoors. The ducks aren't very happy and Snickers has the opinion that he would rather do his "business" in the bathroom. Maybe I should build him a little potty bippy of his own to see if he could manage it. This weekend we have the annual spring swapmeet in Sioux Falls, SD. I doubt that anyone will be riding their scooters. I had looked forward to attending but the weather is proving to be less than cooperative.
Looking on the bright side, though, I do have two new Vista builds up and running. One with 3gb of ram, the other with half that. I waited for Vista sp1 to come out before building the wee beasts. It seems everyone has had major problems with the operating system. Thusfar I have only experienced one lockup and that was after it had been left running for two days with no attention. I suppose I'll keep the three XP Home builds for backup. After a few years of use even the largest of hard drives is stuffed with stuff. Then there is the Win '98 sitting in my wife's office that we will have to decide what to do with before the big move. Can you tell I've been staying in to avoid the weather? There is also an UBUNTU build on the drawing board that I am really looking forward to having in my future office. I've had it all together and running for a few hours, but that was just a test. Now I'll do the real thing with a larger hard drive and more stuff. When I think about this it puts me in mind of how pleased I am that my Creator doesn't do that with us. Yes, I know He did at one point, but there was a remnant spared! It seems that there are a lot of folks in the ecumenical community subscribing to "end time" theology. They scare a lot of the ordinary church goers, and they scare me, too! My Bible tells me that no body knows the time of our next "tear down." There is a calendar pointed to by some that say 2012 is the final year. Personally I think they ran out of space to carve in the stone any more dates. Every medium has it's limitations. In God's time all will work out as it is intended. You and I are to be faithful, patient, and kind to one another in the meantime. As for today, I will probably have to go out at some point and wage war with the snow. That is truly a losing battle. Maybe, on the other hand, I will just wait it out and let the heat of the sun disperse the snow. It has been known to happen, even here this time of the year.
God bless, Preacher.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

My wife has a "new" thing happening in her experience of life. They are called "ducks" and they not only live in the backyard but are now moving into the house we presently occupy. The first one(big mallard)came to us from a farm where he could no longer get along and play nice with the other ducks. Personally I find him amusing, but he has some really bad habits. This past spring and summer he followed Cheryl around the yard just like a pet duck(really quacked me up-pardon the pun)does. Then there came the white duck with the broken leg which we could not heal properly so she just gimps around and enjoys the water a lot because once immersed she is not handicapped. Then there came the whole ancient house project which may or may not ever truly end, but that is part of our life. Now, in this old bed and breakfast someone 80 or 90 years ago hand painted a duck on the bathroom door. He's a little on the cartoonish side, but Cheryl took a liking to it and insists that it will be preserved. Now we have a pattern forming. A passion, if one can call it that for the duckish things that continue to come our way. So the piano bench has now seated her three little duckie friends who are headed for a home in the original bathroom of the bed and breakfast. Needless to say the ducks will probably drive me crazy but I didn't have that far to go. Anyway as we close the night on a theme that is just "ducky" I wanted to share how much we enjoyed worship this morning. Easter is always special in many ways. The best part of the morning was just sitting back and actually worshiping without having to play, preach, or perform. Thank you Lord. God is like that! He always seems to know what we truly need, even if it is not exactly what we wanted. Praise God for a beautiful day, an opportunity to share great food with family and friends, and the reminder that I am forgiven as a Child Of God and therein we find ourselves being really lucky ducks!
In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ideas, Thoughts, Assumptions!

I ran across a blog of interest that has to do with "collages" and their true beauty as experienced through the eyes and hence, minds, of others out here on the net. Fascinating stuff to say the least. So I put together the photo you see up above. A natural collage of objects in my kitchen(well, one was on the entertainment center, and the vase filled with flowers was brought to me by my loving wife in honor of St. Patrick's Day)so one might say it was a collage of "stuff" prepared on a whim and without the aid of the camera that does good photography(this was from the phone 'cause the other was not anywhere to be seen). God has a wonderful way of bringing things together when we least expect them. One of my favorite stories concerns my own road, which has not always been easy, but it has more often than not, been fun to travel. Even in the midst of riding the Ultra Classic back into the garage to get her out of the snow this morning I was grinning. Who would think I'd be riding my Harley through the snow, again! I was amazed that the engine started up and ran. Life has a way of doing that with each of us, the blessings intermixed with the not so blessed feeling times. For those of us attempting to live this life in faith, of faith, and through faith there is a wonderful bottom line. Maybe it lets us off the hook, but I think not. We have to be and must be responsible for all that we do and share with others. Be it for better or worse we are ultimately responsible for the impression we leave on other's lives. Sort of like the collages that impacted my perceptions this evening, each of us provides a different slant on how life is viewed through the eyes of people we come in contact with every day. I love Lloyd the ancient greeter at our local Walmart! He always has a smile for me and his life experience has been shared a number of times. I would not want it to be any other way, for in him I see both the past and the future. And it has all been good, and will continue to be as long as we place our faith in the One who has given His all for us. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Are We What We Are?

If one has a creative bent, do we create because of "Who we are," or do who we are dictate what we do with our creativity? I don't know, but I have the question in my mind and I do wander(wonder)through the possibilities. In music we create, quite often, on the fly. What happens is what is on the recording and to recreate it could be impossible. In recent years I have met Rod, blind since 'Nam, who plays the guitar in extraordinary ways. What he sees and hears falls far beneath my threshold and yet he creates images musically which are indescribable. Where do we take this? It is similar to a painting which JoAnne might say, "I don't know where it is going, but it is where I want to 'be' today!" For all intents and purposes that is modern jazz. I don't really play it, but I can appreciate the form and content for what they say to me as I listen. Maybe that is part of life that each of us must get close to. We can realize our inner selves! Perhaps it is not immediate or as personal as we might like. But truly possible if sought in sincerity with our heart and mind focused on the end result. For those of us dwelling within the context of the Christian Faith it has to do with being willing to subject ourselves to the "Mind of Christ" attitude and therein becoming that person we would have ourselves be. Too deep and too long these thoughts run this evening. I pray that your days provide you with space to postulate and enjoy the life we have been given. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

One Of Those Nights

There are times when life just cannot get any better. Tonight is one of those. With the house settling down to slumber I bid goodbye to eldest daughter and set youngest grand to sleep with her favorite companion Snickers. Cheryl has headed her head for the shed and I will do likewise soon. Thank you Lord! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Geese Are Winging North!

Indeed, the geese are winging their way north out here on the Great American Desert! We are moving forward with construction although it does seem as though the slope is more than a little steep at times. Deadlines were set the past two weeks for the crew doing the exterior finishing work. Needless to say they have let us down, again. I'm learning and relearning the patience lesson that it seems is so difficult for me to ingrain. I continue in prayer for patience as the days grow warmer. That is a wonderful blessing we are enjoying day by day. There are predictions of more snow for the first of the week. At the present time I can only say, "I would like for it to miss us by a lot!" The ground surrounding the project site is all loose fill and clumps of earth that become impossible to deal with when wet. I know, one day the grass will grow, the gravel will be firmly packed in parking areas and I'll be able to see solidity evidenced on the turf. Until that time we will slog around in the mud and have the very ground beneath our feet attempting to suck our shoes off! One would not think there would be so many details. The further we have gotten down this road the more bumps we have encountered. It's quite a bit easier on two wheels when all one must battle are the wind, the road, weather and fatigue. That is a piece of cake compared to this. Five thousand miles in ten days, no problem! Rain for three days in a row while trying to put miles behind us? No problem! But these inches and feet of progress that seem to be going as slowly as "molasses" in January. Lord help me, I'm trying. Now all I need do is find mental, physical, and emotional energy to make it the rest of the way up this hill. When that time comes I'll have the vehicles shining on the driveway, my hammock swinging in the sunshine and a cold glass of lemonade awaiting me on the porch. The grand piano will be in her new setting, the organ will be firmly ensconced where the speakers can pound out hymns that I love, and the digital recording studio will be up and running. Now, about that new Windows Vista. I do believe I'll be able to traverse all of these roads before MS gets the new operating system up and running. Well, to be fair, I haven't installed it yet on the build that is hanging fire in the shop. I was waiting for the SP1 for Vista to become available. Well, this is the time, and I have yet to hear one encouraging word(I live where there is never supposed to be a discouraging word)from the computing community. Oh, well, I have a clean copy of UBUNTU just to the right of centerstage. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Season Opener!

What an absolutely glorious day on the Great American Desert. Praise the Lord! This was a good one. I was off to the project to meet with our plumber before noon. About two hours later I was returning home and ready to scoot! I had properly prepared for the day by starting the battery charger on Monday, turning the engine over on Tuesday, and checking levels and pressures on Wednesday. The ultra was a tad bit reluctant following the winter's slumber, but finally agreed to rise to the occasion and enjoy the sunshine. Cheryl was not quite in the spirit so I gave her a towel to clean the seat and the rest is now history. The cockles of my heart were glowing bright as I snapped a few pictures before our departure on the first adventure of the season. All the way to Aurora, SD to my sister-in-laws home. I proceeded to get her washer and drier up and running in addition to giving a few unrequested suggestions on how to rid her lawn of the enormous amount of dog doo left by the previous denizens of her ancestral home. Life could not have felt a whole lot better than rolling towards home after doing our good deed for the day. My honey on the back and the wind in my face relieved a lot of built up stress acquired during the long, dark days of winter. Our eldest daughter shared dinner with us this evening and between the two of them they managed to amuse me for several hours discussing stuff that has to do with life. I give thanks to God for days like this and pray that there are many more in the not too far distant future. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bread & Buns

I am a fan of food! I enjoy cooking, eating, and sharing it with others. In fact some might say that food holds an unnatural appeal for me. One of my favorite foods is the sandwich in all creative varieties. Tonight I was pondering a late evening snack and the dilemma of which bread to choose plagued my mind for about thirty seconds. You see, I think of bread as a meal in itself. Bread is a passion that I contend with on a daily basis. There are so many kinds of bread available that it becomes a chore just to choose. The baguette at the back of the pictures is probably over two years old and still looks as fresh as the day I purchased it. I'm certain it was at least a day old when I acquired it, and it could probably be eaten today with a bit of crunching. Our local Walmart does french bread every day and one can pick up the loaves hot right out of the oven. That is when bread becomes the "meal" in itself.
Now on to the revelation I experienced in the process of snack preparation. The common hotdog bun is the perfect shape for any food one could choose for sandwich preparation. I came to this thought as a result of running out of hamburger buns a while back and discovered much to my joy that since a hamburger can be made in any shape a hotdog bun would work just fine. They can also be toasted, grilled(best way is inside out), or simply filled to overflowing with coldcuts. That's what I chose for tonight. I also need to remind myself to toss out the reminder of the smoked turkey in the fridge, it seems to be getting slimy. It also did not taste worth a hoot! Maybe a little later I will try something different. I do have some wieners in the fridge that plump up really big in the microwave. When it comes to the "dog" world I am a fan of all of them, too! There are such cool variations on the brat theme, and of course the wieners with cheese inside are great. The Amoco down the street actually has a breakfast dog thing that they say has egg, cheese, sausage(or if one prefers, bacon or ham)ready to be wrapped in a(you guessed it)hotdog bun and then topped with mustard, relish, ketchup and onions. What a way to start the day! And who was it said that we were a long ways from the civilized world out here on the Great American Desert? Chile cheese dogs are another confection that is not complete without the bun. I guess I'm hungry tonight. That is a good sign. It means that I'm actually showing signs of being over the creeping crud that attacked my system last week.
I turned the HD over this morning in preparation for running it tomorrow when the temperature will top 50 degrees. It truly looks as though spring may happen again this year! I've done quite a bit of praying for a break in the bitter cold so that life could get back to a semblance of normality. Out at the "project" workers were finishing the work on the exterior of the addition. As for my honey, she has a few days off this week and if she is feeling well enough we may accomplish a few of the tasks on the new house ourselves. I'm still learning that patience lesson each of us must experience in their own unique way. God's timing is always perfect and mine, as always, is not! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Got Gas? (Part One)

Today I climbed out of bed well ahead of Cheryl. She didn't hit the rack until about 7:30 in the AM. Her schedule has her on overnights at 3M right now. We are in the process of building this fantastic home out in Volga, SD and most of the stuff that has to be done right now can only be done by me. After I get all of the stuff done then I consult with Cheryl to see if she agrees with my thoughts. God designed us to work together in this fashion and who am I to break with tradition? The vehicle is my latest desire. I find it incredibly attractive and would like to own the pictured vehicle. That's just how I'm wired! See it, desire it, get it! Thank God I have a wife with more sense. In this time of increasing gas prices the last thing we need is a vehicle payment. We drive a 1989 Oldsmobile Toronado with a 3.8 litre engine that can exceed 30 miles to the gallon. Then there is the 1995 Pontiac Transport with the same engine that can turn out 28 mpg plus. Needless to say we don't need another vehicle(in addition to the aforementioned there are a couple of Harleys and a '77 Toronado{ANTIQUE LICENSED}and an '03 Eldorado(fantastic engine in there, the Northstar 32 valve get up and spank the pavement edition)so even thinking about another "conveyance" is out of the question. That won't stop me, but at least I know better than open up a dialogue about another vehicle. The thing is, gas is becoming a luxury to have and hold. Worth more than diamonds at this point in time. My friend with the oil leases in North Dakota is ecstatic, but the downside is....we all pay at the pump. Out here on the Great American Desert this poses a number of problems. First we have to get around(doesn't everyone)and second we have gotten used to our ways of living life. We are comfortable with our running about from store to store, business to business, and leaving the car running while we pick up the groceries. Yes, out here we still do that and nobody has had a car taken in years. Change is in the air! Not just me, us, but everyone has an impact on what is going to happen with the increase in gas pricing. If we quit using so much the price will go down. That is the bottom line! If you are following this line of thought you already know that I am correct. So, the new car is out of the question. But what about the people that work on the lines that produce those cars? We continue to live as we always have while the wolf is at the door. America is dependent on "consumerism" and that is where the real change is going to have to take place. If we start now we might see things better in a year or so with someone new in the Whitehouse(God knows them folks don't worry about ponying up cash for a fillup at the Stop & Go). So there must be ways we can make a difference in useage every day. Seriously consider how you can impact the cost of fuel in our country. We can make a difference! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Got Gas?

This the second of a three part post. I'm having trouble with the upload size of my images. Please bear with me, this is important for me to write. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Got Gas?

This is the world in which we live! The circumstances are not reversible! Just like our little dog Snickers, the corporate heads will continue to gorge themselves if we participate until they are sick of gathering the spoils of a declining economy. By the way, they will never tire, but I pray we will. Change is needed. Not at any level other than you and I. We are going to have to change our ways or continue to pay the price for not doing so. Out on the Great American Desert spring thoughts are sounding very bleek amongst the elder farmers gathering at local watering holes. They seem to think that the government needs to put a stop to the economical rape of their business. I doubt if that is forthcoming. I try not to throw cold water on the political end of democrats and republicans, but we are on a slippery slope and there is no way we can go back to the years gone by. Life is going to continue but it has got to change for many of us. Back to sails on my boats. Maybe even a little "scooter" for getting around town instead of the big HD. More walking perhaps and biking with pedals, as well. There is an answer to our current plight! As always "supply and demand" will hold true to their established courses. If we quit using so much prices will decline. That is a fact and the only ones who can make it happen are the people. God bless, Preacher.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I have no clue how this all works, but I have followed the directions to the letter. Our local TV station did a thing on one of our "Best Friends" last evening. JoAnne Bird, artist from right here on the Great American Desert, is pictured above with her hubby, Gordon, and their poodle, Tootles. You can check out the video, and see her work on the internet. Unfortunately for me I've been suffering from a case of the "creeping crud" this week and was unable to attend JoAnne's birthday gathering. Cheryl had to appear for both of us. I managed a phone call and a rough rendition of "Happy Birthday" on the grand piano. JoAnne laughed at my singing(my voice is very nearly been obliterated by the illness)but still enjoyed. I pray your day is going well and that health is never far from your presence. God bless, Preacher.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

How Are We Doing Today?

The President probably has days like mine. I have contracted a very nasty virus which has laid me low with temperatures exceeding 102. I don't mind the fevers so much, but the accompanying chills, coughing and other unmentionable symptoms are not so pleasant.
George Bush has continued to do the very best job he could these past years as our Commander In Chief during some difficult events in our nation's history. I keep wondering what one does if you're in charge of the nation and you come down with a flu.
I suppose that is why we have a Vice President, but that doesn't truly answer the question what George does. Is he staying in bed and drinking lots of liquids, taking his ibuprofen and vitamins? So, I got back up from my cozy warm bed and the little dog with the big heart who has been faithfully following me around all day to make sure I'm okay, to write to the issue of what happens when the boss is ill. Obviously there are a lot of things that are not going to get done. Deadlines will not be met as per their schedule, and all of the tasks we planned are put on hold. I think what would drive me nuts in a situation of power is "not being left alone" to heal. I'm somewhat of a bear when injured or ill. I want to mozy on over to a corner of the cave where the light is not too bright and curl up. The last thing I want is somebody fussing over me. I've been sick before. I will get sick again. Now just leave me be!
Can you imagine what it must be like for Bush? There are calls he absolutely must take because nobody else can do it. There are people who will invariably insist on seeing him if for no other reason than to satisfy their curiosity concerning the President's health. Then there are the physicians that want to be in attendance. I would not want to get sick in the White House. That would be entirely intolerable. Here at home I'm doing fine. Dinner was sufficient(TV Dinner, not much but all I could manage at the time)for the needs of my body. The problem with food at a time like this is that taste! It just doesn't taste like it should. Now if I were the President I could order up anything I wanted and someone would prepare just as I like it and it would still taste, Not Right! I like food. I enjoy cooking and I know just how I want things to come out for a dinner. Tonight would have been one of those evenings of candlelight and flowers for my wife and I. When she came in from work the kitchen would smell like heaven(in a culinary sense)and the table would be set. Tonight she is out of luck, I haven't got the energy. The spirit is strong, but my flesh is frail. I think God enjoys viewing us as we go through the difficulties of life. He observes how we handle them and listens to our prayers even when they are muttered from the depths of our personal cave. God bless you, George Bush, don't get ill, please. My grandmother used to say "This is a great life if you don't weaken."
In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Something To Think About Over Coffee

I've been noticing that there is very little being mentioned in depth concerning the rising price of oil. I guess what made me think about it was watching the candidates as they continue to make speeches about what they can do for our nation if elected. Not too many years ago I was commuting 110 miles per day round trip to my 5-6 day a week employment as manager for a retail chain. After much discussion my wife and I agreed that the rising cost of fuel was going to make my continued employment more of a detriment than an asset. How about all of those miles covered by our candidates in a single week of getting around this country? It's no wonder they don't speak to the issue of fuel consumption by the average citizen when they are spending more in a week on fuel than most of us earn in a year.
Just a thought that crossed my mind(what there is left of it)this evening. Many blessings to you and yours. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Constructive Sunday

I know, I was supposed to "rest" today. In some ways I actually did just that. I found it to be very relaxing to work out at the project. The pics are of the addition and the outside wall of the ancient home we are in the process of refurbishing. Two of the old windows that at one time faced south needed removing, and their dark oak parts saved for somewhere in the midst of stuff to be done. Also of import to me was the preliminary establishment of just where the walls of the addition's interior are to be built. Talk about fun! I now have a plan of attack on the project and within a matter of days I shall have the steps for the entry from the new to the basement under the old. All in all I can't think of anywhere else on the Great American Desert I would rather be preparing for habitation. It may sound strange, but with the winds howling as they were today I took comfort in how well we have managed to seal the house from wintry intrusion. Then there is the question of sounds that emanate from dark distant corners of the attic and the floors that are continuing to settle into their new location. We may always experience sounds coming from the home, but that is alright by me. Houses are in some ways living and breathing entities. The older the noisier! This one is only about 100 years old, but what a century to have seen in passing! There are still so many things to be accomplished before we can begin to set up house, but each day brings us one step closer. I have been praying over the home as I work. I truly believe that this is part of God's plan for our lives. I keep on asking questions, and now I'm receiving answers in the form of affirmations from folks that have taken part in this whole project process. That tickles me, and it increases my desire to see the work completed. I realize, probably better than many, that the tasks will never be completed. There will always be something that is going to require fixing. My prayers are lifted this night on behalf of everyone that has worked to help my wife and I realize a dream. It was only a vision six months ago, but now it is becoming very real. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Snickers Watching & Waiting!

Today the weather began warming rapidly. I filled the duck "pond" after dumping the inch and a half of ice out and set about getting on the road for the site where we are building the home of my wife's dreams. Today that home seemed more like a nightmare until I got into the spirit of the house and it's construction again. The temperature was predicted to rise to a balmy 45 degrees so I figured I would get to the house before the yard turned to nothing but a muddy mess. I now have sheets of siding laid out on the ground so I can get back to the garage. Even the ply stuff was squishing around beneath the van when I left around noon. The last of the concrete on the interior was poured this week. Sheldon is to be commended for continuing to do a beautiful job. Measuring the spaces has become an eternal endeavor as the inside begins to take shape on paper. There are far more details than I would have thought possible six months ago. There aren't any workers on site during the weekends so I have time to draw my lines and begin the process of drawing out where the walls will be placed. Originally I had planned a kitchen width(the working area)of 12 feet. That has now expanded to nearly fifteen as I recalled one of the architects telling me that 12 feet was the minimum he would suggest for a kitchen that included an island.
As I walk the hundred year old portion of the place that was at one time a bed & breakfast I become enamored with the beauty of the old oak pillars and doorways. Even though I know I have to get things accomplished because Snickers is waiting and the ground outside is warming, I pause far too often envisioning the project in completion. So many details that must be kept track of that I do believe I will need one of the office computers on site to make notes. That should not be too hard to do, and it would allow the fellows working there a way to communicate with me as we progress. Anyway, lots of thoughts, and lots of plans riding on the point of a pencil and the prayers I offer up to my Creator for wisdom this day! Soon all of the "roughin" work shall be completed and the interior will take shape. All in God's time, I persist in reminding myself. In Christ's Love, Preacher.