Sunday, October 28, 2007

Project In Process

That is Britany in the background. At the present time I am painting her home and her brother Zack's place. It is a tedious task but one that I am capable of completing if the weather allows. Tonight the temps on the Great American Desert are supposed to dip to 25 degrees. That is cold, but not as cold as it can get. Today I worked on the roof and the areas that require me to be over 20 feet from the ground. You know, I never worried over the height 20 years ago, but this past week I have found myself considering the healing time required should I experience a fall from the heights. Thankfully I would submit that the worry goes away once I am high up in the sky doing the work that I am so familiar with in painting. Perhaps we all have spaces and places that cause us to sound an alarm deep within ourselves. Being uncertain in life is a condition that I can only describe as "human." If you don't get this little feeling now and then you are not truly living. Feelings are a part of our process and experiencing them makes us more than whole, it helps us to understand why we are alive. I've got a hunch that if I should fall from a height greater than mine by factors of four I would probably be thinking about where I'm stopping, more than where I'm going. That is just an observation, but God does know where we are all going! In Christ's Love, Preacher.