Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Nine degrees outside, and I'm considering getting back to work on the outdoor end of our "project" this morning. When I write "end" that does not mean to imply that it will come soon but I believe that it is in sight. The outdoor decorations have to be put away(Cheryl reminded me when we got home from town yesterday)in the loft of the garage. I'm way behind and if I did manage to catch up I wouldn't be able to keep up! For instance, I just got the pics of Christmas 2007 started uploading to "My Space" and that was at the old house. I can't really complain too loudly though, I've had an interesting beginning for the new year. Cheryl suffered a broken foot and has been out of work for six weeks. I began a new career with Casey's here in Volga. So I reflect, "Time just seems to slip away when you're having fun." Out here on the Great American Desert I have begun plans for the planting of trees to provide adequate wind breaks for the new home. I hadn't really resided on the plains since leaving the farm 40 odd years ago. The winds are unrelenting on the prairie. All things considered I do have to admit we are getting through the toughest winter we will probably ever experience(from my keyboard to your ear dear Lord)from a strictly survival standpoint. We've almost made it to spring. The Christmas decor will all get stashed away and I will be back in the process of completing this project we began a year and a half ago. Every once in awhile I need to step back and really look at what has been accomplished thus far. When I moved the first of many computers into this home I was sitting in a virtual hole in the ground with an old house sitting on top of it. Back then the stairway led nowhere and the steps down into my hole were not complete. Whoosh! God has been so good to us that it is only in really looking back that we can recognize how far we have come. Perhaps this is true of each of us concerning life. We need to look at where we have come from to truly appreciate and give thanks for where we are today! Then again, maybe I'm just rambling as I am so want to do. I think not when it comes to our personal histories. When we take the time to assess our past and ponder our future it should all be in the context of good!
It does not hurt from time to time to pat yourself on the back and say, "job well done!" For our lives I would pray that none of us ever runs out of time for those we love, tasks that face us, or wisdom to understand our limitations. "Lord, let me continue to accomplish in Your time the designs You have laid before me." That's a short prayer I can keep in my heart. None of us truly takes any portion of this world with us when we depart. Therefore we are simply caregivers of things while we are here. Me in my impatience won't always see it this way(all about me & mine & wants)but it must be true because I've never seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul! I pray your Valentine's day is filled with love to, for, and from those you care about. In Christ's Love, Preacher.