Friday, September 05, 2008

Tunnel's End Has Light

My last post here shared some of what I have been doing at the old house. This is the first time I have ever moved and taken most of the home with me. Last evening I moved the last of the interior materials into our garage. Yes, it took some time, and yes, I am weary today, but happy as well! The final pic above is of this mornings sunrise. I sent it out to friends far and near via the Email thing on this new computer. The caption read-"Ain't God Grand!" ALL of creation was celebrating this milestone with me, including my wife Cheryl who arose from her slumber at 4:37 to get ready for work(she had to be clocked in by 6am). We shared a few minutes at the table over a cup of coffee and discussed the next cycle in our seemingly never ending relocation. Next is the redwood fence(6 foot high & nearly 200 feet long) and the two ducks that it shields from the elements. I would truly like to eat them but they are my wife's pets and she will not allow it. Roast duck is sooo goood!!!
Then there is the barn that has to be moved(12 foot by 16 foot)and the accompanying potting shed. That plus the flower beds, rocks, bricks, fountain, and other landscaping details we have installed these past nine years in our 6th street location. Amazing how much "stuff" we accumulate. That shouldn't surprise me at all. I came from a "save everything" mother, who came from a "save everything" mother, who came from, etc, etc. I am getting better though. After four years of hanging on to my old IBM typewriter I finally threw it in the dumpster while cleaning out my office. The "Selectric" is history. It will be four years next month since I first began using a 'puter. Now all I can say is that they are fun,great working tools, and with my IBM keyboard I am right at home. Following our settling in process I may sit down at this keyboard and write another book. This time I will write one about performing on the "road" for 40 years. It has actually been a few more than that because the first summer out I was still in high school. It was a 9 piece Rock & Roll band that toured the midsection of the US doing one night stands. The gig only lasted 10 weeks but I did manage to glean some knowledge and get most of the wet out from behind my ears. It seems I could go on and on this morning, but there are other things that need to be taken care of. I pray God is very present in your life and that He is smiling on you as He has smiled on me this day. In Christ's Love, Preacher.