Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Readin' & Ridin' & Rythmatic

Did I get the "Three Rs" spelled rite? I pray so! This is so cool! They've got a ride coming up that I need to be on but life is attacking our home in so many ways it is unbelievable. My wife is on a heart monitor right now, she had severe difficulties as a result of a new health product that she wanted to believe in. That's my personal spin on how things are today, and other opinions may vary depending on who writes them.
The thing about the ride is real. With tongue in cheek(the entire HD family is predominantly christian to the core depending on how you view walkin' the walk)have brought us, via the HOG(Harley Owners Group)an opportunity to visit some fantastic landscape. Not to mention the fellowship and camraderie that accompanies every venture into the unknowns of life. I've covered most of the routes they are going to ride and have to agree it is spectacular! Most of all I would like to agree with the use of titling. "Saints to Sinners" is the label stuck to this one. How appropo that it runs from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm still laughing over this conjecture of oxymorons. I'm not knocking the territory, I'm enjoying it. Reriding in my mind the highways and cities as they were the last time I was there. In addition to that I'm enjoying the company of the folks that are brothers and sisters spread all over the place. One of my buddies(now quite successful)started a church in his home in Las Vegas after retiring from the ministry at an early age due to theological differences with his denominational affiliations. The guy(Jerry)is not pleasant to look at! He fits better in the biker circles than in the ecumenical libraries, but his life is in Christ. I've got to E this one to him, so he can be ready. Back when all we had was snail mail and the occasional conversation on the phone(land line), I shared with him the agony of birth. Little did we know 25 years ago that Las Vegas would be the most fertile of fields in which to begin planting the seeds of salvation. My hat is off to the HOG heads. You came up with a good one and I will be sharing this with everyone. "Saints to Sinners!" Puts me in mind of Paul when he moved to Rome. Write it as a title and it becomes a book written to help others. Write it as it is being promoted and it should be a cause for common celebration during this wonderful Easter Tide. How? Why, of course, we are all "Sinners to Saints" in the eyes of He who holds the future. He even knows what we will become. In Christ's Love, Preacher.