Monday, September 25, 2006


I submit they I may not have all of the letters in the right order, but then, there are times when everything is just not as it should be. I apologize to the folks that look for my "stuff" for being gone so long, but it has taken me a lot of time to get organized for the future. That does not mean to imply that I am ready now. Only that I am sincerely working on it, again!
The young people that you see on stage with me are some of my favorites in the whole world. From ages 8 to 12 they have come together in a family tradition of music that is astounding. This is one of the highlights of the past summer, and the one that is the most recent(this last weekend)that makes life truly worth the living.
God has truly blessed me....there are times when I soar with the Birds....and times when I must come down to earth, as we all must. My youngest daughter is in Europe as I tap this out, and I would submit that she is having a wonderful experience! Her best friend was with me this weekend as the performances developed and wishes she were there, also, I am sure!
Life is filled with opportunities. Sometimes we see them, othertimes we don't. The best opportunity is always going to be the choice for salvation which is found in my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is ready for you. Are you ready for Him? In Christ's Love, Preacher.