Monday, March 03, 2008

Something To Think About Over Coffee

I've been noticing that there is very little being mentioned in depth concerning the rising price of oil. I guess what made me think about it was watching the candidates as they continue to make speeches about what they can do for our nation if elected. Not too many years ago I was commuting 110 miles per day round trip to my 5-6 day a week employment as manager for a retail chain. After much discussion my wife and I agreed that the rising cost of fuel was going to make my continued employment more of a detriment than an asset. How about all of those miles covered by our candidates in a single week of getting around this country? It's no wonder they don't speak to the issue of fuel consumption by the average citizen when they are spending more in a week on fuel than most of us earn in a year.
Just a thought that crossed my mind(what there is left of it)this evening. Many blessings to you and yours. In Christ's Love, Preacher.