Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Constructive Sunday

I know, I was supposed to "rest" today. In some ways I actually did just that. I found it to be very relaxing to work out at the project. The pics are of the addition and the outside wall of the ancient home we are in the process of refurbishing. Two of the old windows that at one time faced south needed removing, and their dark oak parts saved for somewhere in the midst of stuff to be done. Also of import to me was the preliminary establishment of just where the walls of the addition's interior are to be built. Talk about fun! I now have a plan of attack on the project and within a matter of days I shall have the steps for the entry from the new to the basement under the old. All in all I can't think of anywhere else on the Great American Desert I would rather be preparing for habitation. It may sound strange, but with the winds howling as they were today I took comfort in how well we have managed to seal the house from wintry intrusion. Then there is the question of sounds that emanate from dark distant corners of the attic and the floors that are continuing to settle into their new location. We may always experience sounds coming from the home, but that is alright by me. Houses are in some ways living and breathing entities. The older the noisier! This one is only about 100 years old, but what a century to have seen in passing! There are still so many things to be accomplished before we can begin to set up house, but each day brings us one step closer. I have been praying over the home as I work. I truly believe that this is part of God's plan for our lives. I keep on asking questions, and now I'm receiving answers in the form of affirmations from folks that have taken part in this whole project process. That tickles me, and it increases my desire to see the work completed. I realize, probably better than many, that the tasks will never be completed. There will always be something that is going to require fixing. My prayers are lifted this night on behalf of everyone that has worked to help my wife and I realize a dream. It was only a vision six months ago, but now it is becoming very real. In Christ's Love, Preacher.