Saturday, September 20, 2008

Times Have Changed

This week the old house we lived in(originally built in 1947 added to in 1957)was razed. I have been informed via E-mail that even the slabs are gone. Tomorrow I'll retrieve my mom's last auto, a 1977 Oldsmobile Toronado, from the empty lot next door and take some pics. Times change! While in the process of unpacking at the new place I came upon a box filled with stuff mom packed up in 1980 when she truly retired from being a hair bender. The solo cup thing was cool! To think that 19 cents could purchase such an amazing dispenser(for that time)and offer a free 45 rpm record for free. Just include postage. What about those musical choices? It would be hard to choose wouldn't it? I took the pics of this treasure on top of our local grocery store's weekly ad. Yup, it is only one fold out page, and the store has only three aisles! Things have changed throughout the years and not always for the better. We live in an entirely different world today than when the house was built or when the solo cups came out and it will continue to become different at an ever increasing pace.
It is because of change that I write tonight. Everyone of us has a need to grasp that which is unchanging, unfailing, and continues to offer a source of comfort and peace in our fast paced world. Cheryl and I sat out by the 100+ year old wood burner tonight and looked up at the stars. Both of us had moments of prayer and praise for our Creator, God, who has brought us to this point in our lives. Never changing, ever present and always in the process of creation. He is the reason that even when times change life goes on. There are losses along the way. Motorcycles come and some remain, people die and new ones are born, and we are here. One of the most often asked questions is, "What am I here for?" Folks of all ages have posed that one to me, not just out here on the Great American Desert, but in major cities across our country. The answer is always the same. God has a purpose for each one of us. He loves us and is present in the heart of every believer. His Son, Jesus Christ, my personal Savior, came to earth to perform a miracle. He has paid the one price for all time for my sins and yours. He has opened up the gateway to eternal life and offers that path freely to all who believe.
Enough already with me campaigning for Christ. We've got enough of that political stuff going on right now in the media to last us all for at least another four years. I don't do political stuff here, but I do want everyone to know that my vote is for the McCain\Palin ticket in November. That election is 3 days prior to my 59th birthday and I fully intend to cast my ballot for the republican presidential candidate. I'm a registered democrat! My grandparents and great grandparents were democrats! I come from a fully democratic background and I believe the democrats have chosen to *&%$ over the American people with rhetoric that does not engender any of the principles on which the party was founded. Again, enough already.
God is at the forefront of the USA. People can try to take him out of the schools, out the the government buildings, and even out of many of the churches, but He is still present and working to accomplish His will for me, and for you. God bless you this night. So, do you want that 45? In Christ's Love, Preacher.