Friday, December 06, 2013

This is the second litter of Chihuahuas this year from Snickers and Snooki. The first was on April 10th, the very worst blizzard of the spring and the second right after the biggest snow, wind and cold of the year. Could be a sign of something. This has nothing about why I am blogging this morning! Teddy was a cry baby puppy from Snooki's first litter. Frightened of everything. He was the first out of the womb April 10th and the least likely to be sold to anyone because as soon as there were strangers about he hid. So he became my puppy and received his name. I've raised 84 puppies and sold all but one. I kept this one and now share with you the experience of raising a dog from birth. April 10th 2013 I put my head over the side of the bed to see what the fuss was(last spring I had Snooki sleeping right next to the bed the last week of her pregnancy)and there was the first of the April litter. His name is now Teddy and 8 months later we have really(I do mean really bonded differently than any other animal I have ever been around or had the pleasure of sharing this life)he is amazing! The unique thing about having one from birth is that they know you as well as they know their own parents and they have only one person to relate to in everything. Yesterday Snooki added a little brother and 3 sisters to our family for the still growing everyday Teddy. Now I am blessed with another most amazing thing to witness as it occurs. Snickers(father)is not allowed near his babies for weeks(Snooki nips at him if he gets close)but Teddy can get right into bed with all of them and Snooki does not mind. He is still a cry baby, unique from each of the others. That is why I guess I had to keep him, or maybe I was just really curious now that I'm old enough to spend the time it takes to raise a dog from birth. These new four will all be sold. Snooki will be fixed so that we have no more pups. Snickers is getting old(past eight years now)and Snooki will as well(she has to be three)but Teddy and I will travel the road together. 40 years ago I had a pomeranian compadre that stayed with me 17 years through three wives hundreds of homes and thousands of miles. Maybe it is time for that type of relationship again(not the change in wives, that was crazy)just live each day as it comes and love one another unconditionally until we are no longer on this journey of life!