Saturday, January 16, 2016

A very happy weekend to y'all with a big shout out howdy on top - been working on getting back on my mental wheels for a lot of hours - I guess I hit one of those rough stretches of life's highways that just had to be ridden - No one among us likes losing people(there are some we're better off without and some that should not have been allowed into our lives to begin with) - death takes some - others run straight into death's loving arms with total abandon because that is their choice - all I can report tonight is recovering my ability to accept life as it is and learning once again to "let go and let God" - It's been two years since I've posted anything here.....Whooosh what a ride those months have been, Still in the same home that I began building in '08 - that's a real plus in my life! I have a habit of moving on down the road every once in awhile. Sometimes I come back! It is winter on the "Great American Desert" and my thoughts have been of the jumbled variety for far too long. I need to be busy about the task of finishing more of this place I live in and get it ready for the next phase of life. Just like people, places have to change every once in awhile. My plans were to be in Arizona with the folks at Isaiah 58 simply serving the Lord and His people for about 5 months per year. Lots of space to ride down that way. As always the best laid plans often go astray. Maybe next year I'll be able to make the journey. Only time will tell that tale. As for now I am getting back to being content with the months of containment that lie ahead and I'm excited(finally)about getting more work done!