Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Up, Up, And Away!!!

You will have to excuse the pun, but this is funny. I haven't got the hang of how to get all the pieces back in place on my blog so all of the stuff that is supposed to be on the side is way, way down at the bottom.
The garage is up! That is so cool! We've been waiting, and waiting, and then waiting....remember what I said about God's timing vs mine? Tomorrow morning(or so I have been informed)the pieces will go to their new places. Now, here is the funniest part of the day....The garage is being set on a "proper" foundation(meaning done the right way)and with all of the contractors, builders, and experts we have working on this project(tape measure out the ying yang and clipboards filled with notes)nobody but me tumbled(Only This Morning)to the fact that the doors are not going to close to the concrete. I didn't figure that out until I saw the structure up in the air and visualized it being set down. That is when I said to myself, "Self, this isn't going to work!" I'm still chuckling over this one. I will also remind you that I have mentioned that God has a wonderful sense of humor: After all did he not create us? It's good to laugh about the circumstances that life places each of us in, although there are many that are not funny. In the face of insurmountable adversity we have very few choices, we can laugh or cry; hurl epitaphs at the heavens; or choose as I did this morning, get down on our knees and give thanks and pray for the outcome.
The sun has begun to peek through the overcast skies on the Great American Desert. This is a good thing! I can now see both of the structures that will move tomorrow at 8 am. My first thought is....Don't they look nice with both of their sides facing the same direction, it is almost as though God has a plan. And I know He does, I just wish He would give me a burning bush every once in a while to talk to. In Christ's Love, Preacher.