Monday, March 10, 2008

Bread & Buns

I am a fan of food! I enjoy cooking, eating, and sharing it with others. In fact some might say that food holds an unnatural appeal for me. One of my favorite foods is the sandwich in all creative varieties. Tonight I was pondering a late evening snack and the dilemma of which bread to choose plagued my mind for about thirty seconds. You see, I think of bread as a meal in itself. Bread is a passion that I contend with on a daily basis. There are so many kinds of bread available that it becomes a chore just to choose. The baguette at the back of the pictures is probably over two years old and still looks as fresh as the day I purchased it. I'm certain it was at least a day old when I acquired it, and it could probably be eaten today with a bit of crunching. Our local Walmart does french bread every day and one can pick up the loaves hot right out of the oven. That is when bread becomes the "meal" in itself.
Now on to the revelation I experienced in the process of snack preparation. The common hotdog bun is the perfect shape for any food one could choose for sandwich preparation. I came to this thought as a result of running out of hamburger buns a while back and discovered much to my joy that since a hamburger can be made in any shape a hotdog bun would work just fine. They can also be toasted, grilled(best way is inside out), or simply filled to overflowing with coldcuts. That's what I chose for tonight. I also need to remind myself to toss out the reminder of the smoked turkey in the fridge, it seems to be getting slimy. It also did not taste worth a hoot! Maybe a little later I will try something different. I do have some wieners in the fridge that plump up really big in the microwave. When it comes to the "dog" world I am a fan of all of them, too! There are such cool variations on the brat theme, and of course the wieners with cheese inside are great. The Amoco down the street actually has a breakfast dog thing that they say has egg, cheese, sausage(or if one prefers, bacon or ham)ready to be wrapped in a(you guessed it)hotdog bun and then topped with mustard, relish, ketchup and onions. What a way to start the day! And who was it said that we were a long ways from the civilized world out here on the Great American Desert? Chile cheese dogs are another confection that is not complete without the bun. I guess I'm hungry tonight. That is a good sign. It means that I'm actually showing signs of being over the creeping crud that attacked my system last week.
I turned the HD over this morning in preparation for running it tomorrow when the temperature will top 50 degrees. It truly looks as though spring may happen again this year! I've done quite a bit of praying for a break in the bitter cold so that life could get back to a semblance of normality. Out at the "project" workers were finishing the work on the exterior of the addition. As for my honey, she has a few days off this week and if she is feeling well enough we may accomplish a few of the tasks on the new house ourselves. I'm still learning that patience lesson each of us must experience in their own unique way. God's timing is always perfect and mine, as always, is not! In Christ's Love, Preacher.