Friday, February 05, 2016

It seems that snow has been on everyone's mind for awhile now. We have been blessed on our little piece of God's creation here on the "Great American Desert" where snowfall has been kept to a minimum. There is still plenty of time left in the winter to get snowed in. March of '78 we had a blizzard that lasted several days and when it was over I could walk over the garage on the snow. That's been a while ago but one never knows for sure with the weather. I like that phrase, 'a while ago' nd it probably dates me but that's the best part of time. We have truly been blessed to have so much. Time changes all things. Time can drag on and on one moment, and the next moment it slips by so quickly we wonder where it went. I have been so frustrated by time and yet the time I have spent wisely has been well invested. Once upon a time.....the stories begin.....has stood the test of time and remains one of the ways in which parents in this country begin telling their children fairy tales. I wonder if the stories are told the same way in other languages? Relationships seem to come and go with ease in my life. Folks I thought would become close friends have faded away through time. Others I never would have expected have come and remained steadfast. Some might say that I am difficult to get to know. Others might believe that I'm impossible because I am self centered and selfish and have all the rest of the character faults that can be attributed to humankind. I try not to hold them to harshly in my opinionated way. We are all simply people that are striving to do the very best we can with what we have been given. God has blessed me so much that I scarcely can recall the last time I experienced a really bad day. There have been days when things did not go as planned, but there will always be those with which to contend. I suppose I enjoy my contentious days almost as much as the days of perfection. The difference is the days that are wonderful never seem to last as long as I would like and the ones that are difficult seem to not want to end. All in all they are good days when placed in the perspective of time. My prayer tonight.....Thank You Lord for time! This I pray in Jesus' name – Preacher.