Monday, April 16, 2012

109 Years Ago Today

Everyone in the world of history has been briefly focused on the Titanic. Back in '49 before entering this life my mom began a scrap book of stuff from my family. I suppose she thought I might one day find these things of interest. Little could she have known how we would be communicating in this century. Here you have snippets from the local paper in Andover, South Dakota. Upper left hand corner has the year she "scrapped" this piece and beneath that the date of its publishing. That would be the store that great grandfather owned and operated. He and great grandmother, Amanda, were quite the entrepreneurs for their time. Can one only imagine how far a single dollar stretched for the average family? Times change and so do we but the past with all of the events and circumstances will remain with us. That is a legacy we can choose to enjoy or ignore. The past, they say, repeats itself. I don't worry about that happening ever, but it is fun to look back and peek into the lives of our forebears. God bless, Preacher.