Saturday, October 13, 2007

Everchanging Colors

This morning I wonder if we shall ever make it through the transition from this house to the new home we are building 6 miles from here. There is soooo much I will not miss. First of all the constant sound of traffic from our spot here on the main thouroughfare in Brookings. Our new place is so far removed from the street that the silence may turn out to be deafening. Then there are things I may miss immensely. The plants Cheryl has grown here the past several years have been amazing. Then there is the question of moving the entire barn, potting shed, and trellis affair with cute little brick walkway under construction. So much to think about, and it seems that time has slipped away from us this fall. Shortly we will be buried once again in that white fluffy stuff that people seem to really enjoy when it first arrives, but that wears really thin after the first engagement with the shovel on drives and walkways. For now I believe the best thing I can do is enjoy the beauty that God has provided. Continue to pick up the eggs from the patio(the duck insists that this where they are supposed to be)and learn new ways to prepare them so they do not go to waste. In cake and brownies the eggs add a wonderful richness. When I give that thought a second to percolate along with the coffee I realize that God does that for our lives, adds the richness! He gives us the opportunity, even out here on the Great American Desert, to grow and bloom where we are planted, much like the flowers in one of this year's creations. Cheryl is ever so careful with how she puts her large pots together. Even more so is the care with which God puts our lives together for His purpose if we are willing to take direction and thrive in our surroundings. Fall is coming to life all around us and the colors are wonderful this year! Perhaps on one of my journies to our new piece of barren ground on the desert I can pause long enough to capture some moments worth sharing. I pray your life is filled with moments worth capturing. Treasures you can enjoy for years to come. In Christ's Love, Preacher.