Saturday, February 09, 2008

Geez It's Cold!!!

Saturday morning arrived with a "Norwester" close on it's heels. Winds picked up speed across the flat plain creating windchills that now have us at minus 40 degrees.
I've put together a "leanto" for the ducks and placed their water dish out of the wind. It's anyone's guess if they will take advantage of the shelter, personally I don't think they have the sense God gave a goose! I will try to encourage them to use the shelter with bribes of food, but I'm still uncertain as to whether or not they will take the hint.
As for our new shelter, work has concluded for this week with the completion of the siding and the final pouring of concrete. The interior will take shape this coming week when we set the interior walls and begin the process of wiring the whole place. Now, if I had the sense God gave a goose I would tuck my tail in and stay our of the weather until this cold spell ceases. Unfortunately I too have a lack of sense so very soon I will be venturing out on the roads(severe weather report has it that open areas are experiencing a lack of visibility due to blowing snow-winds hitting 35 mph)to do the business of the day. It's getting to the point where I want to set up an on site office and a cot where I can sack out on an "as needed" basis. I could have one of my 'puters out there and a comfy little area to work from until the move is completed in June or July. We have to be done by then because the Sturgis Reunion\Blackhills Motorcycle Rally takes place the first full week of August. Not that we are at a loss for souls to save around here, it's just that we have better odds 400 miles east during the rally. Close to a million people will pass through the event and only about(this is just an estimate based on 19 years of experience)15% are truly saved individuals. That is always an exciting time! I give thanks to God that we have this project under way. This old bed & breakfast will become a stopping place for Christian Musicians and Evangelists from all across the USA. That is the dream that Cheryl and I are entertaining. A beautiful dream it is!
One of our bits and pieces of dream has to do with that huge front porch and turning said porch into a fully functional bandstand from which to share our gifts and graces in music, song, and witness. I can see it now with brothers and sisters from all over coming together to share their faith with anyone wishing to listen. Ah, well, that is a ways off as yet. We must never lose faith in our dreams no matter how much cold water is thrown in their direction by others. That's why we refer to it as faith! When I think about it I guess I can think of no more powerful force anywhere than that simple single syllable word, "Faith." In Christ's Love, Preacher.