Saturday, December 03, 2016

A few years ago prior to my cataract surgeries I had no idea my color perceptions had slipped away - going from 80/60 vision to 20/20 was amazing in itself - especially on two wheels where being able to watch out for others is a must - but more importantly as time passed has been my perception of colors - sooo very thankful today that the vibrancy and depth of color has been gifted me once more - the thought I would like to consider for this weekend has to do with faith and our perceptions - perhaps as we grow older we lose some of the clarity and vibrancy of our faith - like maybe it 'clouded' over as various portions of our lives slowed down - Aerosmith....."I don't wanna miss a thing...." - today my vision is way better - I'm working on those perceptions of people - it's a 'faith' thing! The preceding thoughts were posted on FB a bit ago this all comes on the heels of a discovery made during the process of sorting out the bits and pieces of life as my honey and I complete the final projects on our home. Still sorting and sifting through the remains of my parent's and grandparent's estates. Legal stuff is now pretty much over and in the past. Thank God for small miracles of survival! I found an old flash drive a few days ago with pix of when we began eight years ago. the photos I'm sharing are from that drive. Truly a labor of love. I have never been in any home more than this one and I truly have grown fond of the place. It houses my tears, blood, sweat, fears, joys, and grief. In the midst of it all there has been laughter and wonderful smiles. All of the emotions that make up the life with which God has gifted me are here! It is good. I give thanks each day for the journey and the love God has shown me. Love is an ongoing experience of the Lord's presence in my life and like everything else I want to share it with others. So here is a little of where we began this latest chapter together and a peek at where we are today! God bless you and yours this Christmas season! Just so you will know I am still a registered Democrat as I have been since age 18. I voted for Trump and I am so thankful that he is going to be the president of my country. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.