Sunday, May 11, 2008

This Is Spring?

We are so at work on the project home! Snickers does not want to stay home, but he is not really happy with the temperatures where we are working. My wife, Cheryl, picked up our electric space heater for the day due to the low temps where she is wall papering. Snickers was quite happy to sit in front of the heater and cuddle up in the blankets, his opinion is much the same as mine: It is "too" dang cool! We are moving forward with the project(although not as fast as my wife would like), really good work takes time and thought. I do both, but not as swiftly as she would prefer. Today is "Mother's Day" and there is a lot that goes with that thought. We all have one(OR HAD ONE)and they are very special for a variety of reasons. Mine was always supportive and loving, even though we had a combined penchant for bourbon after 2 am. Ma was the very best she could be! For all of the folks I have shared time with throughout the years please know that the love for "mom" never stops. We do what we do and then try to stay warm, like Snickers. Love is an everlasting emotion. Praise the Lord we have been given a Savior by the Grace of God that sees each of us in the light of forgiveness. A mother's love is unending. God's love is unceasing. If you are in need of either there is no quicker way to find that love than to open your heart and sit on your knees. They may hurt from the day's extensions, but the reward is worth the effort! In Christ's Love, Preacher.