Monday, June 04, 2012

Before the Dog Days

Nights are still a tad on the chilly side out here on the Great American Desert. Underneath the near full moon it seems a "blankie" is one sure way to ward off the chill. The other thing a blankie can do is provide a sense of security. False safety as it may be, sometimes it is a good thing to hide. Snooky tries this one on a regular basis even when she is in the queensize bed with us upstairs. I have never understood for sure the manner in which a canine roots into a comfortable position for optimizing sleep potential. Snickers & Snooky both exhibit the classic round and round, pull it this way & that, lift with the nose and pull with the teeth until just the right amount of fluff, or in snookies case a cave, is achieved. I suppose we all enjoy our comfort and warmth when we rest, but the animals in our house have it all over me in terms of seeking and finding that perfect position. During the day the smallest noise will rouse them from whatever they are doing to bark and search the windows for intruders. This time of night it is a totally different story. Wash dishes, bang pans together, open and close the doors, they really don't care. They are off in that enviable world of rest where nothing can enter. I like that! Maybe that is why I enjoy having them nestle in with me(or us)in the bed. They get all cuddled in and none of us moves for hours. Good rest is important for a lot of reasons, but best of all is the opportunity to dream and give all of that subliminal stuff a chance to come out. Perhaps it is sound sleep which keeps us in some way sane and able to cope with the daily insanity of life. Just a thought or two and maybe I should just "sleep" on it. God bless, Preacher.