Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Season Opener!

What an absolutely glorious day on the Great American Desert. Praise the Lord! This was a good one. I was off to the project to meet with our plumber before noon. About two hours later I was returning home and ready to scoot! I had properly prepared for the day by starting the battery charger on Monday, turning the engine over on Tuesday, and checking levels and pressures on Wednesday. The ultra was a tad bit reluctant following the winter's slumber, but finally agreed to rise to the occasion and enjoy the sunshine. Cheryl was not quite in the spirit so I gave her a towel to clean the seat and the rest is now history. The cockles of my heart were glowing bright as I snapped a few pictures before our departure on the first adventure of the season. All the way to Aurora, SD to my sister-in-laws home. I proceeded to get her washer and drier up and running in addition to giving a few unrequested suggestions on how to rid her lawn of the enormous amount of dog doo left by the previous denizens of her ancestral home. Life could not have felt a whole lot better than rolling towards home after doing our good deed for the day. My honey on the back and the wind in my face relieved a lot of built up stress acquired during the long, dark days of winter. Our eldest daughter shared dinner with us this evening and between the two of them they managed to amuse me for several hours discussing stuff that has to do with life. I give thanks to God for days like this and pray that there are many more in the not too far distant future. In Christ's Love, Preacher.