Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is upon us once again. We did a family thing this year in the Blackhills of South Dakota. The plan was to gift everyone with the opportunity to share Christmas in a chateau high atop Edelweiss mountain. It worked very well. Unfortunately there was no snow! We had a wonderful time but(wife said that was all we were doing for gifts this year for family members)if they didn't come then we had to go out and start purchasing presents we could give. All in all it probably will work out. The main thing to remember is the extreme blessing the trip was for all who attended. I am also in the process of looking for an automobile. I haven't purchased one since '91 and I have the hankering for a special winter ride. The rest of the time I go on two wheels. This year I did 250 days on my Ultra, 190 of them consecutive. Lol, you'd think I "live to ride" & "ride to live." Truly I say unto you, "My worst day on two wheels is far, far better than my best on four." Now about that convertible: Seeking a 1999 - 2004 Mustang convertible. It's the particular body style that I truly want. 2002 is dead in the center of these years and would be preferred. So far I have found hundreds of the aforementioned vehicles. There are pics of a few that have got my attention right now. If you know of one or someone who has this beautiful beast contact me at

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Losing track of stuff has become a way of life. Someone once told me that happens when we get older. Older or not I just forget. That's why when I'm working construction here at the house I try to have a least two yardsticks, tape measures, hammers, tool kits, etc. you get the picture. This year I've lost track of how many consecutive days I've been out on two wheels. I thought the latest run began on June 12th, but when I figured up the X marks on the wall they total 143 so that can't be right. Whatever, the season is drawing to a close. Snow was in the air this afternoon and it took a battery charger to start the Ultra with the temperature hovering just under 21 degrees. It was brisk on the streets to say the least. I'm going to miss my daily putts. It puts life in a more proper perspective on a day to day basis. Like yesterday when the rain came down(it was 47 degrees at that time)and I knew it was time to head for the shed. I did gas up one more time just in case. Life is like that. We try to be ready for everything and then when something happens it is usually unexpected. Like Mitt expecting to win. What a night of elections! Good or bad we take it all in spit it back out and come up with a smile for everyone. God bless my country! It is still the best in all the world and even though I may not always agree with the political winds I must reverently bow to the coming of another winter! Maybe the sun will shine four years down the road. As for today, I know that spring is coming. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Four Years In

We are beginning our 5th year in the new/old house. I'm still in the process of construction. Studio and bedroom/bath and the office are showing signs of light in the basement. Uncovering one of the library walls I rediscovered 40 square feet of books on history, religions, faith and living. Taking a break from the process of building I grew more greatly drawn to my books on the Muslim world. Following the events of this year's 9-11 attacks I reflected on how much things have changed. There was a wonderfully recorded time when things were different. We'd get a whole bunch of our guys together and line up, they would do the same and we would charge at one another with personal weapons of human destruction. Now there seems to be nothing that is done in the open. Little attacks by night, secret bombs planted, and lots of dirty deeds done without any care of human cost. The honorability of the an entire religious group has become less seemly than it has ever been. It never has made sense, nor will it ever, why we must do such dastardly inhuman slaughter. There should be an end to it. I know as a power on the globe we have the solution. As misguided and horrible as it was Hitler had a cure for the German people's ills long ago. As I go on pounding nails and building my sanctuary I pause to pray for the cause of humanity. I don't think it is ever going to change so why not just stop the evil in its tracks. The allies defeated the axis. Why not just do away with the Muslim problem the same was. All out declared war. Challenge them to line up and get it on once and for all. They won't do that, of course, but it would be nice. No more sitting around waiting for the next "big" thing to happen. Diplomacy sucks and so do the folks that believe it is a solution. Time to line up, repeat history one last time on the battlefield and be done with it! Just one person's opinion, but it would seem that it has always been and will continue to be necessary. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Long Time Ago

I thought someone other than myself might get a kick out of this blast from the past circa December 1905. There really is a Trout Creek and obviously someone was there. I had no idea until this popped up in the process of unpacking my stuff(3 years I've been at it, but who is counting)in the garage. Tools are beginning to find places to be where I can find them. All of the big stuff is on wheels except for the anvil and drill press. By the end of this year I may be the closest I've ever been to settled. God bless, Preacher.

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Before the Dog Days

Nights are still a tad on the chilly side out here on the Great American Desert. Underneath the near full moon it seems a "blankie" is one sure way to ward off the chill. The other thing a blankie can do is provide a sense of security. False safety as it may be, sometimes it is a good thing to hide. Snooky tries this one on a regular basis even when she is in the queensize bed with us upstairs. I have never understood for sure the manner in which a canine roots into a comfortable position for optimizing sleep potential. Snickers & Snooky both exhibit the classic round and round, pull it this way & that, lift with the nose and pull with the teeth until just the right amount of fluff, or in snookies case a cave, is achieved. I suppose we all enjoy our comfort and warmth when we rest, but the animals in our house have it all over me in terms of seeking and finding that perfect position. During the day the smallest noise will rouse them from whatever they are doing to bark and search the windows for intruders. This time of night it is a totally different story. Wash dishes, bang pans together, open and close the doors, they really don't care. They are off in that enviable world of rest where nothing can enter. I like that! Maybe that is why I enjoy having them nestle in with me(or us)in the bed. They get all cuddled in and none of us moves for hours. Good rest is important for a lot of reasons, but best of all is the opportunity to dream and give all of that subliminal stuff a chance to come out. Perhaps it is sound sleep which keeps us in some way sane and able to cope with the daily insanity of life. Just a thought or two and maybe I should just "sleep" on it. God bless, Preacher.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It would seem that our calmest of times in life are often preceded by storms. Thunder, lightning, deep dark clouds, and tumultuous rain preceded the calm of this evening's sunset. During the week of rehearsal prior to the last concert we had many difficulties that never received resolution, but calm did follow that as well. Now we are on the verge of yet another of life's storms. This time the storm is more personal and will take a lot of positive steps to resolve. I do believe that with the aid of God we will surmount once again the troubled times and rise above the thunder and lightning. Somehow it is the calm that follows the storms that has become my focus. I like it when the road is smooth and the traffic light. Beautiful skies and perfect weather are favorites of mine. In combination those elements tend to sooth away the aches and pains that accompany life. This is a good spring and with only a few days left in the month it is good to know that we are still smiling in the face of adversities and laughing at the raindrops no matter how big and cold. Many blessings to all. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Friday, May 18, 2012


January 14, 2007
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Monday, April 16, 2012

109 Years Ago Today

Everyone in the world of history has been briefly focused on the Titanic. Back in '49 before entering this life my mom began a scrap book of stuff from my family. I suppose she thought I might one day find these things of interest. Little could she have known how we would be communicating in this century. Here you have snippets from the local paper in Andover, South Dakota. Upper left hand corner has the year she "scrapped" this piece and beneath that the date of its publishing. That would be the store that great grandfather owned and operated. He and great grandmother, Amanda, were quite the entrepreneurs for their time. Can one only imagine how far a single dollar stretched for the average family? Times change and so do we but the past with all of the events and circumstances will remain with us. That is a legacy we can choose to enjoy or ignore. The past, they say, repeats itself. I don't worry about that happening ever, but it is fun to look back and peek into the lives of our forebears. God bless, Preacher.