Sunday, March 09, 2008

Got Gas? (Part One)

Today I climbed out of bed well ahead of Cheryl. She didn't hit the rack until about 7:30 in the AM. Her schedule has her on overnights at 3M right now. We are in the process of building this fantastic home out in Volga, SD and most of the stuff that has to be done right now can only be done by me. After I get all of the stuff done then I consult with Cheryl to see if she agrees with my thoughts. God designed us to work together in this fashion and who am I to break with tradition? The vehicle is my latest desire. I find it incredibly attractive and would like to own the pictured vehicle. That's just how I'm wired! See it, desire it, get it! Thank God I have a wife with more sense. In this time of increasing gas prices the last thing we need is a vehicle payment. We drive a 1989 Oldsmobile Toronado with a 3.8 litre engine that can exceed 30 miles to the gallon. Then there is the 1995 Pontiac Transport with the same engine that can turn out 28 mpg plus. Needless to say we don't need another vehicle(in addition to the aforementioned there are a couple of Harleys and a '77 Toronado{ANTIQUE LICENSED}and an '03 Eldorado(fantastic engine in there, the Northstar 32 valve get up and spank the pavement edition)so even thinking about another "conveyance" is out of the question. That won't stop me, but at least I know better than open up a dialogue about another vehicle. The thing is, gas is becoming a luxury to have and hold. Worth more than diamonds at this point in time. My friend with the oil leases in North Dakota is ecstatic, but the downside is....we all pay at the pump. Out here on the Great American Desert this poses a number of problems. First we have to get around(doesn't everyone)and second we have gotten used to our ways of living life. We are comfortable with our running about from store to store, business to business, and leaving the car running while we pick up the groceries. Yes, out here we still do that and nobody has had a car taken in years. Change is in the air! Not just me, us, but everyone has an impact on what is going to happen with the increase in gas pricing. If we quit using so much the price will go down. That is the bottom line! If you are following this line of thought you already know that I am correct. So, the new car is out of the question. But what about the people that work on the lines that produce those cars? We continue to live as we always have while the wolf is at the door. America is dependent on "consumerism" and that is where the real change is going to have to take place. If we start now we might see things better in a year or so with someone new in the Whitehouse(God knows them folks don't worry about ponying up cash for a fillup at the Stop & Go). So there must be ways we can make a difference in useage every day. Seriously consider how you can impact the cost of fuel in our country. We can make a difference! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Got Gas?

This the second of a three part post. I'm having trouble with the upload size of my images. Please bear with me, this is important for me to write. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Got Gas?

This is the world in which we live! The circumstances are not reversible! Just like our little dog Snickers, the corporate heads will continue to gorge themselves if we participate until they are sick of gathering the spoils of a declining economy. By the way, they will never tire, but I pray we will. Change is needed. Not at any level other than you and I. We are going to have to change our ways or continue to pay the price for not doing so. Out on the Great American Desert spring thoughts are sounding very bleek amongst the elder farmers gathering at local watering holes. They seem to think that the government needs to put a stop to the economical rape of their business. I doubt if that is forthcoming. I try not to throw cold water on the political end of democrats and republicans, but we are on a slippery slope and there is no way we can go back to the years gone by. Life is going to continue but it has got to change for many of us. Back to sails on my boats. Maybe even a little "scooter" for getting around town instead of the big HD. More walking perhaps and biking with pedals, as well. There is an answer to our current plight! As always "supply and demand" will hold true to their established courses. If we quit using so much prices will decline. That is a fact and the only ones who can make it happen are the people. God bless, Preacher.